Thursday, December 22, 2011

Many Christmas'

      We had a lovely little Christmas with Josh before he went to work.  Rather than make the kids wait until the 28th or 29th, we had an early Christmas.  Of course this means the kids will participate in 3 Christmas' this year.  One with Mom and Dad, one with Grandma, and one with Oma and Papa.
    It is kind of nice to spread it out.  Then it's not all over in one day.
    I don't think I'm cooking a turkey this year.  We started a new Christmas meal tradition a couple of years ago, prime rib roast.  It started after a Thanksgiving of too much turkey.  I couldn't even look at another turkey!   The prime rib has turned out scrumptious the last two years.  Hoping for another one this year.
     I would post some pictures, but I can't seem to find the right camera cord.  All these wires and cords and not one that works:(
    I'm looking forward to just relaxing these next few days.  No where to go and nothing to do is nice.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

How It's Been

     It's been awhile since I was on here.  Better write something!
Our Jesse Tree hasn't been quite as consistent as I'd like it to be.  I would prefer to do it everyday, but it just isn't happening.  My fault. 
     I'm tired, and hibernating.  Actually I'm making myself go to the Church dinner tonight.  It wasn't to hard to convince me since my first thought was, "Then I won't have to cook dinner at home."  I do feel a little guilty that I'm not bringing anything.  I will check and see if my good friend MJ wants me to grab anything on my way up.
    My house is a somewhat scattered mess.  I have no motivation to care at the moment.  The kids are all playing with friends, except Madi.  I am keeping her entertained with a video.  I know not really a great thing to do with a three year old, but it is what it is for now.
    I went to bed at 11pm and slept until 8am, well I stayed in bed till 8, not sure how much of the night I actually spend sleeping.  The cat was outside so that was one less thing to wake me up.  It was mostly bathroom breaks and sore hips.
   I'm only at the 22 week (23 tomorrow) mark, I'm thinking it's a little early to have a sore hip!  Oh well.
   This little baby has gotten quite active which is fun.  It'll be fun to meet this little person.
   I have some Christmas shopping done.  Just about half I think. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Thinking and Baby Stuff

    While looking and searching for Christmas gifts my mind keeps wandering to baby gear.
    I saw online a great double stroller awhile back.  Now I can't find it. 
    Not sure if we should get an Ergo this time or just stick to the wraps.
   My name dilemma was solved.  We've had a boy name for the last three girls.  I finally get to use it!
   Trying to think of stuff to do "for me" as my Dr. instructed. 
   Trying not to be busy and just relax, which isn't too hard with how tired I am.  Although I do see a lot of "stuff" I want to get done before Christmas.  A little frustrated with the lack of energy.  If I had more, maybe I could do more.
   Madi's room needs to be tackled, and she needs to move from the crib to a big girl bed.  It's getting more difficult to lift her in and out. 
   I'm really simplifying the decorations this year.  Our tree will be our Jesse tree, adorned with our Jesse ornaments, paper snowflakes, white lights and a single white ribbon. 
  I would like to have some candles around.  I have lots of candles but lack the pretty/simple candle holders. 
  Wondering how much my budget for Christmas will be. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Name Game

  There comes a time in the anticipation of baby that you play the "name game".  Very rarely do Josh and I ever agree on a name.  Maybe we do for a little while, then someone comes back and you know that feeling, "I just don't know".
  We had thought that if we have another girl we'd like to give her a Hawaiian name.  We love Hawaii after all.  It just so happens that our favorite Dr. who delivered 4 out of the 5 we have has a Hawaiian name.  
   Leilani.  We thought for the longest time that Leilani would be her first name.  But now we're not so sure, for sure her middle name.
  What goes with Leilani??
Got any suggestions?
We have a boys name.  That one's not a problem, we've had it for the last three girls!
  If you care to share some girls names, that you don't mind me using:)  Please do!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


  I knew that teaching Highschool would be a challenge.  What I didn't realize is where the challenge would lie. 
   I thought it would be more along the lines of curriculum issues.  Was I going to be able to teach the skills needed to do the work?  I was so encouraged by Bradon's teacher, and there is a multitude of resources to help where skill sets are concerned.
  Nope the challenge is, and I guess always was with the student.  Not that the skills are not attained.  Not that work is misunderstood.  It's the actual "get your self down to work" part.  That's the challenge.  How do I get this young person to complete the task at hand?  There are no amount of incentives or punishments that motivate.  I've even resorted to yelling at moments in my frustration, which get us no where.
   Then miracles! I've seen progress! He's actually finished this report, and it's great.  I make some corrections, fixing run on sentences, spelling mistakes, giving suggestions on using new words.  Now suddenly he wants to rewrite the whole thing differently.  He does not want to make the corrections I gave, he'd like to start again with the same subject but different angle. 
   I gave him a deadline of having the good copy in by tomorrow.  I can not see how he has time to rewrite a report that took him two weeks  (or longer) to complete.  
   Why does he want to do that?  Is it because he doesn't like me correcting it?  It's not like that's anything new, I always correct his work.  Is it a form of perfectionism?  I'm confused. 
   This is the first time he will be handing in his work to someone else.  Is that it?  I don't get it.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Love Creative People Who Invent Useful Things!

  3 years ago when baby #5 was born I discovered a whole lot of new baby and mom things that had been invented since the fourth baby. 
   I love all the useful new things, and so glad that some Mom invented it, and shared it!
   I found a new one today! 
   I've used the Bella Band to help with modesty in nursing, and have found it sometimes lacking. 
  Now there is Modest Middles.  A tank top that is super low, the top sits under your bra (you wear it under your shirt) so you can easily pull up your shirt and nurse your baby without showing your back, side and belly!
You can visit Life in a Shoe to see her giveaway!
This is for sure on my list of baby gear for this baby!   

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are We There Yet?

Well maybe I should say are we done yet?  I think we are, but I'm afraid to say "Yep done!".  Just in case we aren't.
You see my sweet little Madalyn has been my most challenging potty trainer.  Well I'm suppose to be the trainer I guess, but it really wasn't working out that well.
 Never before had any of the previous 4 put up such a big stink about NOT sitting on the potty.  The first day I could bribe her with chocolate chips, but only if I gave her some every time she sat on it.  Otherwise, no way. 
  I gave up for awhile.  Then once she turned 3 I thought, I really gotta get this girl on a toilet.  Seriously!
  So I bought books, and stickers and treats.  For the first day (second try) she sat and got her treat and read the books.  She was the potty princess.  But we produced nil, nada!  She saved that for the floor. 
  I gave up for another week.   I decided I would have to just accept the fact that this was going to be messy.  We would have to stay home, not have people over, and just get this done. 
  Oh and I bought playdough, the little tubs that you give out in goodie bags.  I had to really stick to my "No playdough till you put something in the potty".  She kicked up quite a fuss with that.
   Thankfully she was really good at number two on the potty.  I can handle cleaning up pee off the floor, but not the other!
Once she caught on that she could have a new little playdough each time she went potty we had no more accidents!! It was like magic!  For a week we stayed home just to make sure, then the big test of wearing no diaper on an outing of more that 3hrs.  She made it! She even told me when she had to go!!
   So are we there yet?  Is she potty trained?  Can I stop holding my breathe? 
 Well today we ran out of playdough, so I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


  Missing Church today, sore throats, coughs and stuffy noses.  Well 3 of the children who are healthy managed to make it thanks to their wonderful Oma.
  We, those left at home, sit listening to Keith Greens Lord You're Beautiful.   I like Keith Green.  His no nonsense, tell it like it is, style.  His passion for Jesus. 
  We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday so Dad could be there too.  It was Josh's idea actually, so that his Dad didn't have to miss out.  I love that he was thinking of that, cause my thinking is really not there.  I also love that Mom did the Turkey, Josh baked the pumpkin pie, I made stuffing and Maiya did the rest.  It was a group effort that makes it so nice.
   It does feel strange this year not heading to Houston for my family's dinner.  This is the first year without Bob.  I'm glad my Mom went to my Sister's, she's not alone:)
   I am so thankful for the wonderful people God has placed in my life.  For the bounty of food.  For the roof over our heads, and clothes on our backs. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Do and Don't List and Some Parenting Ramble

Things I don't like about being pregnant;
    ~Being so tired
    ~Being irritable
    ~Being emotional
    ~Gaining 12lbs in 12 weeks
    ~Being tired
    ~Pregnancy brain (I forget EVERYTHING)

Things I like about being pregnant;
   ~The fact that there is a little soul in there growing and getting ready to join us
   ~Everyone already knows I'm tired so they let me sleep
   ~Eating for two (hence the 12lbs)
   ~Guessing if it will be a girl or a boy
   ~Knowing Madi won't be an only child (I know she has older siblings but they are really more like parents)
   ~Stretchy pants
Being pregnant is not easy, being a Mom is not easy.  It comes with lots of sacrifices.  It comes with lots of joy. 
The heart breaks never end, as little babies grow into little people, who grow into big people. My heart is glad and sad all at the same time. 
I read it once that having a child is like having your heart walk around outside of you.  Or something like that.  And Ann Voskamp said something to the effect that the pain of child birth never stops.  That's something they never tell you about.  The pain of children growing up. 
    My oldest is 15 and I feel the tug of his independence, to be his own man.  And I hope that for him and I rejoice with him as he moves from the boy man into the man.  But my heart fissures too.  Our dance has been a hard one.  We both hard headed and strong willed.   And yet a love that conquers all.  Maybe it's not that way for everyone but it seems like my first born was the hardest to parent.  The hardest in labour and delivery, and I struggle to understand him.  I fight in prayer for him, for wisdom to parent him.  And just as I called out to God in birth for him, I call out to God still.  He is not a malicious child, nor is he terribly rebellious.  In most respects he is perfect and wonderful.  For him and I it's a mess of words and misunderstandings.  From the first moment I saw him I wondered who is this little person, I was in awe of him and totally in love with him.  If I stand back and just take in who he is, I am still in love and awe of him.  And just as I said back then, that I would do the whole long hard labour all over again, just for him. I say it now that I would do the whole battle of love to parent him all over again, just for him.  I do realize we're not done yet, there are still three more years until he's officially an adult.  Right now he's the first young adult in my house.  And I'm learning how to be his Mom, just as I've done since the beginning of him.  In retrospect I think it's actually him whose taught me, well the Lord using him anyway;)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Look!

Here it is!! My new look.  It's great. I love it!
Thank you so much Erin.  You did a great job!

And I have a button! You can find it if you scroll down.
You can visit Erin here and see her designs:)  

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spinning Plates

    Why is it that I can never keep them all spinning?  I can get one going pretty good, but then the other 2 have stopped or fallen off and smashed. 
    You would think that it wouldn't be so complicated, to keep three plates spinning in midair at once.  It's something I've tried and see pictured perfectly in my head.  
     I can usually get one of them to go quite nicely, but I always hit a glitch when I have to get them all up and running.
  The plates I am referring to are, schooling, housework and spiritual life. 
     If we have a great school routine and things are going great that usually means I'm spending very little time in my bible or in prayer.  It also means my house is a disaster zone.  On the other hand if my house routine is smooth sailing and it's clean and tidy this means no school has been done and again I am without my personal time with God.  
   How do I get them to all go at the same time?  Is it even possible?  I really can't shirk my time with God to often, otherwise I become the growly, barking Mama that all the children run and hide from.  Not only that but in not spending time with Him I start to feel a little lost.   The longer I put off our time the more crazy I feel.  Worries creep in, irritation seems off the charts and pretty soon I'm wondering out loud, "What is wrong with me?".
   I know that some, well maybe more than some, discipline is required.  I need to go to bed a decent hour, so I can get up in the morning.  I need to schedule planning times. 
   I've never been a planner, I'm really more of a "fly by the seat of my pants" girl.  The only problem with flying that way is that you usually end up with a wedgie.

Friday, September 2, 2011

16 years ago

Ok this picture is not from 16 years ago. This is last year:)

    What better day to start blogging again than on our 16th wedding anniversary. 
    Josh proposed June 1995 and we were married on Sept. 2, 1995. 
    He was no slacker on his proposal either.  He worked tirelessly on kinder eggs perfecting his resealing technique so I would not be able to tell it had previously been opened. 
   The day he proposed we'd been dating for 6 months.  We had talked about our future and what we wanted.  I knew that he want us to be married one day, I didn't know that he would propose that day.
   We walked up to the little store near his parents house, like we usually did.   We bought 2 kinder eggs, like usual.  The only thing that was different was his insistence on me opening the little yellow toy keeper.  I like to finish my chocolate first,  but he was so insistent that I finally opened it. 
    There under the instruction paper was a gold ring with a shiny diamond.  I gasped!
    Josh took the ring out and got down on one knee, right there on the street corner and asked me to marry him.
    After I caught my breathe I said "YES".  
Now here we are after 16 years of marriage and 6 kids later.

Did I say 6??

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heart Strings

One day I will walk with you again.  While your grandchildren play.
I'm sad you had to leave us so soon.  I wanted to keep you here.  I'm thankful I got to have a second Dad, I'm grateful that it was you. 
Thank you for marrying my Mom and making her so happy.  Thank you for accepting us as your own and making us feel so loved.  Thank you for the Papa you were, for walks around the duck pond, motorbike rides and hours with budding carpenters in your shop.
Thank you for teaching me the names of so many flowers, even though I could never remember them.  Your appreciation for life was contagious. 
I will miss you.
I thought this picture was sweet when I first saw it.  But now it has heart strings attached.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Good with the Bad

  I was doing really good with my 31 days to clean.  Josh was so delighted to come home to a clean and organized, not just kitchen, house!  Not including the shared girls room.  I did make a dent in there, with them, but it's far from over (and even worse now). 
  Then I hit a wall, a virus wall.  You know a real life firewall for your body would be nice.  Especially when your on a good roll with keeping it all together.  A nice little cold knocks you on your butt and well it was nice while it lasted....
   Today I am feeling a bit better, still dizzy but not as wiped out.  Today I have 2 members of my family joining in the sickness fun.  Although what was has got I did not, and no thank you!  We are in lock down, sanitize everything and everyone around the clock terror watch.  Well it's not really that bad, I mean as in terror, but I'd really appreciate this not going any farther than one.  So it's disinfecting time, I mean serious doorknob, light switch, Mama's following you around the house cleaning everything you touch.  Now I'm really exhausted.  Oh and don't forget the homemade medicine chicken broth.  Made a big batch planning on adding it to everything we eat.  Plus lots of garlic!
  I was really down about missing days 9-13 on my cleaning.  But you know what I did clean my kitchen today.  Then I messed it up again.  But it's ok, I'll jump back in when I can.  Other things are demanding attention right now, and I'm not going to get discouraged and give up.  I can jump back in when things are a little more closer to normal.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Uphill Both Ways

  Well I made one goal happen on Saturday.  I got up at 6am!  To be honest I really had to get up that early, actually I stayed in bed till 6:15, but that is still earlier than I ever have without it involving a crying baby.
  I was up at this crazy hour because the boys were participating in the Seafest Parade.  We first had to drive an hour and a half to get there. 
   The girls had slept over at Oma's because Daddy is at camp.  The boys and I got up, ate breaky then into uniform they got.  I downed 2 cups of coffee and off we went.  We grabbed 2 hot chocolates and another coffee at Timmy's!
   It was a really nice drive.  We chatted, they listened to Odyssey stories.  My Sirius radio blasting the Message the whole way. 
  This is a very long parade.  Bevan's drum teacher was concerned that Bevan might not be able to carry the drum the whole way.   Bradon's feet have grown and his shoes are pinching his heels and toes.  We are all gathered with the band at a lovely couples home.  They live right beside where the parade starts. 
  Once we're ready to line up for the parade, I carry Bevan's drum the short walk over there.  In my mind I'm thinking that he should save all his energy for the actual parade. 
  The parade begins, Bevan hooks up his drum and off we go.  I follow along on the side to be there when Bev is done with the drum.   We are followed by the Navy bus and I secretly wish I was brave enough to ask for a ride, cause I'm to lazy to walk this whole thing! 
   We walk up a hill, and not just a little hill, these streets are like rolling hills!   Then down and up a side street.  I lost count of the blocks we walked this far.  If that bus would just get a little closer I could jump on.
   Bagpipes singing and drums beating we turn up a side street and then back down another street.  Heading in the direction we came.  Great another hill!
  The band played great, lots of cheering and hooting from the crowd.  Bevan gives me a look.  I give him the thumbs up and wave him on.  He frowns at me.
  Just at the last building at the end of the parade, he stops drumming and his holding up the straps with his hands.  Ok, I wave him over. 
  "Look! You made it all the way to the end!"  He smiles at me, hands me the drum, and gets back in line.
   The boys get lots of good pats on the back for a job well done.  Brady runs and changes into his runners the first chance he gets!
  We say our thanks, and good byes and head to McDonald's.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Yesterday I hit a glitch.  I finished the kitchen no problem.  It actually gets faster as I do the kitchen each day.  It was the main living areas that cramped my cruising and I glitched.
  I didn't get it done.  Well the couch and chair area is easy enough, the computer school area is overwhelming. 
  But today I got it done.  Well for the most part.  To the untrained eye it may not look glorious, but if you saw what it looked like before (your training) it's fabulous!
  Now if I could just get Madi to stop dumping out her blocks!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Right-Brained, Left-Brained

  Apparently I'm right-brained.  This means that if I don't see it, it doesn't exist.  Which really explains why my clothes never make it out of the laundry basket in my room.  Clean clothes are in the basket, I dig out of there.  Dirty clothes on the floor, in the corner, I chuck them over there.  It also means I'm suppose to be artistic, hmm, I must have more left-braininess in there cause I can't draw to save my life!
  I was convinced that my sweet husband, love of my life, was totally 100% left-brained.  My reasons for this conclusion are that left-brainy people are organized.  Everything has a place and everything in it's place.  He is constantly putting things where I can't find them "in their place".  Which I appreciate, but have a hard time with.  You see in my brain if I can't see it, it's gone, therefore I go buy more.  Ya, this is a source of frustration and sometimes laughter in my house.
  Last week I thought it was strange that we went through a whole box of diapers.  But I went and bought more anyway.  When Josh came home he showed me the full draw of diapers! Oops!
   I was pondering creative ideas for when the toilet paper runs out today, you see I am hoping for a paycheck today or tomorrow.  If that doesn't happen we'll be using paper towel!   Anyways not to worry, while doing my 31 days to clean I was actually hanging things in my wardrobe, which Josh and I share and VOILA!! TOILET PAPER!  I thought we went through that big bulk package awfully fast even for this house!  My sweet left-brained man had put it away:)
   Oh and we did an online test, to laugh at ourselves and apparently he's not so left-brained after all.  In fact he's perfectly balanced, 49-51%  Of course as I suspected he's 49 right and 51 left.   I wasn't totally wrong.  
   As for me I lean quite far into the right, with very small slice of left.  Enough left that I can add 2+2 and that's about it.  Sorry I forget the exact numbers, something like 70-30 or there abouts.
   So if you think your seeing double at my house, you probably aren't.  What surely happened was that Josh put it away, I thought it was gone forever and bought another one;)

I went and got you my numbers 33 Left and 67 Right.:)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dragging But Still Doing

  Wow, am I tired.  I didn't sleep well last night, but that's normal for the first night Josh is gone. 
  We postponed school this morning and headed to the family garden for some weeding time.  The boys delivered their papers, the girls, Oma and I weeded.  Well the girls alternated weeding with keeping Madi occupied. 
  I'll have to get some pictures of our lovely family garden up on here.  The gardeners consist of Oma and Papa, Auntie Maiya, Uncle Joe and kiddies, Josh, our kids and I.  It's super! I love it.  Planting this year was similar to last year.  3 women and 8 kids.  Great fun, and great conversations. 
   Weeding is lots of fun too, lots of time to chatt and pull weeds.  Lots of time for the big ones to trade of watching little ones.  
  My kitchen is clean, save for one load of dishes waiting for it's turn through the washer.  Today was the day to add picking up the main living areas to the clean the kitchen routine.  Well the floor was picked up from all it's toys, papers and miscellaneous socks/shirts/towels.  Oh Oops! I forgot today is also add laundry to the list.  Gotta run put in a load! See ya!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sparkling Clean

Today was the day it sparkled.  Yep I HAD a super nice clean kitchen.  With some of the cupboards even cleaned out and organized.  I say some because I have a lot of cupboards and can't get to them all.  More tomorrow:)  My kitchen is still in great shape.  One more load of dishes should complete the job.  And one last wipe of the counters and tomorrow I will wake up to a clean start.  Which maybe happened once before...maybe!
  Looking forward to the next thing!

It Figures, and Thankfullness

   Well yesterday was the first day of the focus group.  The clean the kitchen. broke.   Ok not really broken but wasn't working and my sweet husband had it in pieces and back together, then apart again.  This process took all day.
    It figures, when I want to get to work, my maids quite on me.  So I washed by hand.....A LOT of dishes.  My kitchen didn't quite get sparkly clean like I intended.  Time was not on my side.  It takes a lot longer to wash by hand, I have a new appreciation for my dishwasher.
   I am thankful for the first 31 days to clean.  My kitchen was in a far better shape then it's been in a long time.  I am thankful I had already done some. 
   So although my kitchen might not be as great as I planned, it's still better than if I'd done nothing;)

Monday, June 6, 2011

31 Days to Clean

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean
     A couple of weeks ago I bought an e-book.  31 days to clean

      If you know me then you probably know I'm not a cleaning type person.   It's something I've struggled with all my life.  My bedroom when I lived at home was your typical teenage nuclear disaster area.   Now fast forward to getting married, having children, homeschooling.  I now have a house that looks like my teenager bedroom! 

    I use to think that my Mom didn't teach us to clean.  She was a single Mom raising two girls.  I do remember her making us do dishes and sweep and vacuum.  So I'm pretty sure we had to learn how to clean.  What I think now is that the key was she MADE us do it.  We knew what we had to do but we never did it with out her MAKING us do it.  Seriously!
    Now running my own home, there is no one to MAKE me do anything.  In fact I could sit on my behind all day and do nothing!  If it wasn't for the multitude of children crying for food I probably would have.  Maybe.  
   Besides teaching my children about Christ and generally how to behave, I have a desperate need to teach them how not to be me!
   I know that sounds bad, but really people I'm 35 years old and just learning how to keep a house! Sad, really sad. 
   I can learn from the mistakes my Mom made.  Not that she did anything badly, she did her best.   In hindsight I can see that hounding my children to get their required chores done, and MAKING them do it, doesn't work.  I need to teach them something I don't have.  Which is impossible, if I don't have it how do I give it??
    Here's where I cry to the Lord and He always answers.  Now this isn't going to be easy especially for me.  I have discovered many things about myself these past couple of years.  One of which is that I accept things to be true that are not actually true.  Especially if I perceive it to hard to change.  Well the truth is I can't change.  Nope I can't, but Christ can change me if I let Him. 
    I found this e-book and it's really helping me.  It has Mary challenges, which are more about spiritual growth and Martha challenges, which are cleaning jobs. 
   This combination is really working for me.
   The sweet lady who wrote this book has started a focus group for the next part.  I joined. 
   I am a little intimated to say the least.  I am praying through it.  I'm also excited.  I'm learning.  It's fun.  I do much better when there is someone to TELL me WHAT TO DO!  Hahahaha!  Ok so that is something I'll have to deal with too, but for now I'm working on establishing routine cleaning habits. 
  Sarah Mae has given us permission to blog about our journey if we like.   Writing things out helps me process, so I'll be blogging about my cleaning journey as much as possible.  
   I am doing this for a few reasons. 
   First, because I am a wife and mother and I am at home it is my job to run the home.  Scripture tells me to do everything I do as unto the Lord!   I can honestly say I don't care about housework, I skirt the edges and only do whats necessary when necessary.  I don't give it my all, never have.  But things are going to change, they have to if I want to give my children a chance to be better than I am.  I want them to be able to stand on my shoulders and reach higher than I could. 
   I believe that if I learn this, they will too, and when they leave me to run their own houses this will be one thing they won't have to struggle with.  They will have their own struggles yes, but if I can help them out with one, that's one less thing they have to do later.
    Today it begins! I've been already working through the first e-book so I feel ready for the second one. 
   It's based on the idea of building a task each day.
I will post after today, and let you know how it went;)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Raising Homemakers Anniversary Giveaway

I am posting this to let you know about 2 things.
First is a great group where I have gotten lots of great tips. Raising Homemakers.  I get the e-mails everyday.  From cleaning and cooking to raising kids.  Lots of great stories, ideas and encouragement:)

Second today is their first anniversary so they are have a give away.  There is a collection of great books that they are giving away. 

Today we are THRILLED to announce that one “lucky” reader will win AN ENTIRE CLAY AND SALLY CLARKSON BOOK COLLECTION!!!!
Which includes…
All SIX books could go to YOU!

If you want to enter head here!

Friday, May 27, 2011


On the agenda today.
Clean fridge
Bake cookies and muffins
Decide whether or not I'm writing my own curriculum or finding one that works
Now I better get moving, 3 of the kids are done they're work, now I can make them do chores:)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am learning.

   I am learning to listen.  Listen to the Spirit whispering to me.  Listen to the heart of God.  Being still and waiting does not come natural to me. 
 My Father however is teaching me that what I think is my personality is in fact not..  He is teaching me that I must let it go, let Him take them off.  These parts I think are unchangeable.  To change my mind, He does that, I'm not really good at that either.  Change me to think that maybe I've been wrong all these years.  To claim a song and call it mine, and that's just the way I am.  Nope, not anymore, for if I am dead and He lives, what is mine?  Nothing.  I can cling to nothing, claim to nothing but Christ.
   Of course at any given moment of the day I forget this simple thought, that it is no long I who live but Christ who lives in me.  I think only of my goal in getting something done, or avoiding that which I know needs doing.
   For me I am learning to answer when He calls, to seek Him in each moment, in each task.  To ask for His help in things I should be able to do myself, but can't.  Or don't know how, or have just been doing wrong for so long I can't see up from in. 
  He is there, in it all, holding my hand.  Speaking peace in my heart.  Heart Peace. 
  I like what I read today from Ann Voskamp's blog "Will I ever be who I already am in Christ?"
It's a question I didn't know I was often asking.  Will I ever be who I already am in Christ?  I have faith in Christ that He will accomplish what He wants to in me.  I'm going to blow it, no doubt.  But He'll be there. And I'll repent.  I'm learning.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Challenge Stats

    Where I'm at today.  I sometimes wonder if I bit off more than I can chew.  I seem to start a number of things without finishing the first thing, and somehow don't complete anything.
  First with Maximize Your Mornings, I started out ok, but once we went on holidays that all went out the window.  I haven't gotten back into it since I got home.
   Then with memorizing Colossians....nil... Oops! 
   Is there something else?  I'm sure there is I just don't remember.
So now I have this e-book 31 days to Clean.  My newest and latest challenge.   Who am I kidding!?  Cleaning has been a FOREVER challenge.  I am never caught up.  If the kitchen, living room and bathroom are clean at the same time, I can guarantee the bedrooms and laundry room are a disaster site!!  And really the only time all three main areas are clean is when company is coming!
   Now you got all the goods on my challenge stats.  So I'm going to pray now and do laundry so I feel like I did something. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sand, Salt, Sun. Oh and Water!

The view off the right side of our Lanai

Madi's favorite part of Hawaii

One of the pools

With Papa and Grandma each morning.

Fun in the Sand

On a leaning Coconut Tree

Walking back to our Villa after Church.
Daddy and Madi way in front, Bevan must be back with Grandma and Papa.

The Shaka sign, which began in Hawaii and became a universal surfer sign for catching a good wave.
I learned the origins of this sign while on a train ride.
Back when the sugar cane trains use to run in Hawaii is where the Shaka began.  It started as a wave by one train driver (I forget his name). He would wave to the children on the side of the tracks, well they thought he was waving so they'd wave back.  Really he was waving them away because sometimes they would jump on the train or run up and take dropping sugar cane.
He had some kind of accident (I don't remember what) where he lost his 3 middle fingers.  Only his pinkie and thumb remained.  He continued driving the train, but now when he waved at the children, they didn't know he lost his fingers so they copied him.  Thumb and pinkie.  The kids began making this sign to one another to let each other know it was a good day for a ride (jumping on the train) or that sugar cane had fallen off and they'd go get it.

A rare moment with all the children in the picture.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Trip There

   Are you wondering what it was like to travel with 5 kids?  If you are here's a run down of events, if not then you might want to skip this one.
   I spent 3 days packing and planning.  Friday night the van was all packed and ready to go.   Saturday morning we ate, cleaned and left.
  I drove 3 hours to my parents house.  We stayed there till Josh came in from work (he works near there so this helped).   My parents left to catch their flight.   We hung out at their house till we just got restless and left around 8:30pm.
   Josh drove the first 5 or 6 hours then I took over for 3 or 4 hours.   2 or 3 more hours till we get to the airport, Josh drove. 
    I don't know the exact times, I wasn't really keeping track.  All I know is that it's a 12 hour drive from my folks to the Vancouver Airport.
   We arrive at the airport, park in long term parking, take the shuttle to the terminal.   We wait about an hour or two till my parents land.
   They land at 11:20am.  All 9 of us camp out in the airport.  People sit far away from us, I don't know why. 
  Finally at 2:30pm we can check-in. 
  Madalyn's ticket is randomly selected by homeland security for a full security check.  Josh, the Parents and other kids all go through a different, faster check. 
  Madalyn and I line up for her full check, then I get picked by the machine for my choice of either a) a full pat down or b) a body scan.   I opt for the body scan, thinking that would be less intrusive than a pat down.  It still felt intrusive.
   Finally we get through all that and into the USA side of the airport. 
   Thankfully they have a wonderful play area that keeps Madi busy the whole time we wait to board our 5:35pm flight.
   On the plane! Yay! The hardest part over.  Madalyn seems to do fine with the going up.  The kids all have gum, they're great!
   Watch some shows, play some card games, nap, snack.  6 hours and we are landing in Honolulu!!
   Madalyn is asleep coming down and wakes up screaming.  Her ears are hurting and she's so upset she won't suck her sucky.   I hold her and rub her ears gently and sing to her, she calms a bit. 
   We step off the plane and are hit with the warmth and humidity.....I feel like I'm home.
  Mom and I stand with the children.  Papa and Josh gather the suitcases. 
  We walk out, catch the bus to our rental car.
  Drive to Ko Olina, get our room cards, get all the kids beds made, everyone crashes.  1:00am Hawaii time 4am BC time.
  Madalyn won't sleep, so we bring her into bed with us, she's out like a light in 2 seconds!  We laugh and fall asleep.  We're in Hawaii!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

How/What to pack for Road/Airplane trip.

   Having a laundry facility on the other end of your trip is a plus, plus.  It means you can pack less!
Here's the basic list:
 2 long pants
 4 shorts
 4 short sleeve shirts
 2 long sleeve shirts
1 Hoodie
 2 pairs of socks
 5 pairs of underwear
2 dresses (girls)
1 pair flip-flops
1 pair of hiker sandals
1 pair of aqua socks
1 pair of runners (mostly for the getting there and getting back)
1 hat
1 pair of pjs

To be honest the shoes take up more room than the clothes!
For me I have all of those plus:
There are towels there so I don't need to pack any.

For the road:
Home made cookies and mini muffins.
Store bought trail mix, banana chips and flax crackers.
Fruit snacks
Word searches
Blues Clues colouring book and crayons
Mad libs
1 pillow each
Blanket for Madi
1 mp3 player each (except Mads)

For the Plane:
1 Monopoly card game
1 Sorry card game
1 new mad libs
A bunch of stickers
Plus all the stuff from the car.  I am keeping somethings new
for the 6hr plane ride.
And a secret sucky hidden in my purse for Madi emergencies.  You know the screaming, crying, get me out of here kind.

There you have it. 
Oh I forgot the car DVD player, plus the secret new DVD I bought.  Do you remember Chip and Dale the Rescue Rangers?  I found them at Wal-Mart a 3 disc set!

Ok done!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Check it out!!

I want to introduce a new blogger to you!
Lilly through the valley
Check it out:)

Also these sweet ladies who've been blogging and I forgot to introduce them to you!
Grateful Heart and Helping Hands
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I have a few more, but I'll give you a break. 
Ok, have fun!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WILW Link up! And a notice for my absence (that will come:)

I thought this looked fun.  What I Love Wednesdays.  I linked up with Krystina at Lollipops. 

What I love.  I love the Beach.

And of course I love my family.

You KNOW I love coffee, but my favorite coffee is Kona, and you can only get it in one place.  You know the place......


Yep, that's the place.   And what could be better than having my family on a beach and me drinking Kona Coffee?!

So that's where I'll be Monday morning.  Sitting at the beach in Hawaii watching the kids play, sipping my Kona!
Now you'll know why it's so quiet here, we're at our second home (I wish!). 
Wish I could bring you all along! Love ya!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


  I won a blog design!!! I'm so excited!  I can't wait to see what Erin can do.  You can check out her site here and her portfolio.  
   Her blog is called Insight Blog Design.  
So stay tuned to see what will be new. 
Also a question for you bloggers, what is the difference between Blogger and Word Press?  Is one better than the other?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Ashley

   How do I describe her.  Bundle of energy, doing everything with all of her.  All the knees in every pair of pants are gone, and yet a princess in every way.  Nothing is ever hidden, she wears it all up front so you can see.  She will always try to make you happy, she's very good a co-operating.   Organized, well maybe not.   Ready for adventure, always.
   Can't believe she is 9 now.  How did that go so fast?  Like her entrance into this world, a mere 45mins in hospital, gave that nurse a run for her money!  The Dr. arrived in her pjs just in time to catch!
   That's Ashley our little lightening bolt!  Bundles of muscle and life, full of loveliness.
  She has a talent for art, in fact she NEEDS to draw.  She goes through withdrawals and pleads "Mama I just need some paper PLEASE" bouncing up and down in desperation.  I hand her yet another piece from my printer.  Aaahhh, a big sigh of relief and she quickly sketches it full.  Back for more!
   Ashley who makes a friend where ever we happen to be.  At the pool, at the park, on a beach.  "Mom this is my new friend _____"  She's done this through the grocery store before. 
   My girl, you delight me.  I am so amused watching you and full of excitement for your life and what it shall behold.  
   In Christ she lives.  Through her Saviour conquered her fears.  She clings to Him and builds herself in His truths.  She draws them out and tapes them on the wall above her bed.  So at night when she feels the lies trying to creep into her mind she reads her verses, truths He gave her.  She smiles rolled up in His love and sleeps soundly through the night.  I am in awe.
Happy Birthday Sweet, Vibrant Girl, I love you!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Bevan

 Bevan's favorite colour is green.  He is very organized and keeps his room neat and tidy.  For that he can thank his father.  He absolutely hates change.  Here he can thank his mother.
  Changes are hard.  Sometimes I love it, like changing seasons, I love for Spring to come and turn into Summer!  Other times change is hard, like life changes, where things are not like they were.  Oh we adjust of course and we think back to the "good ole days". 
  My kids are growing up.  Bevan turned 12 this week.  It doesn't really feel like that long ago when I brought my 8lb 11 oz baby boy home.  He's getting taller too, pretty soon he's going to pass me.  What happens when Mom's are now smaller than you?  Will I still be Queen?  Will they still obey and listen to me?  I feel like I'm shrinking into the incredible shrinking woman.  I have a small squeaky voice as I follow them around..."get back here and do your chores! Where are you going? You can't ignore me"  I don't know what it will be like.  My brain is still having a hard time switching from Toddler to Big Kid.  Now the Big Kids are turning into Young Men, with their sisters not far behind.  Well I mean I know their sisters won't be young men!
   Young Men, Wow.  Just the thought of those words makes me feel so inadequate.  And thank God that I am otherwise I might not ask for His help!   I was going to ask how you raise Young Men, but I'm thinking that by the time they get to that stage they've already been "raised".  Now is the last bit of training and teaching that I can squeeze in before.....the young men turn into Men.  Yikes!
    This is the coaching faze.  Where they get to go out and make the plays on their own, but I still get to call "time out" from the side lines.  One day soon I won't get to have that job, I'll be a spectator, with no say.   I can cheer and boo, but that's about it!
   This post is suppose to be all about my Bevy boy! He's the big Birthday Boy Young Man.   For his birthday dinner he asked for his favorite, mashed potatoes, corn and steak (done schnitzel still).  Ice Cream Cake to top it all off. 
   He had some buddies come over and they played for a few hours, ate chips and hot dogs.  At the end of the day he said "It was a good day, I had fun."  Just what I wanted to hear.
Happy Birthday my son.  May you continue to grow in the Grace, Knowledge and Love of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Still here!

  I have been so busy! Today is birthday party number 2!
I really want to do a post for each of my birthday babies.  Once this day is over maybe I'll have some time to write!
Not only write but sit down and read through some of the great blogs I found at the UBP!
  So this is just some chicken scratches to let you know we're still around!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sacrifice My Sleep

Me sleeping.

   Does is count if you get up early and go back to bed?  You know cause I did get up yesterday and today, but then I went back to bed.  I read my bible, prayed, then went back to sleep for 45min.  Well all that yesterday, today I knew I was going to church so I thought I'd skip it.  (not the waking up part, the bible reading part;)
   I think it should count.  Don't you?
   It could be counted as a nap, maybe. 
Seriously though, I had big plans this past week and for whatever reason it just didn't happen.  I am determined to do this, get back on the "wake up early" wagon.  Now I know that 7am is not that early to some of you, but if you know me, well then you're probably laughing.  You're laughing 'cause you've come to my house and woke me up at 9 or 10am!!
   So you see folks 7 is early in my books.  So early in fact that I have to think about it the night before and get my butt to bed before 10:30, otherwise it doesn't happen. 
  I was convinced that I needed between 9 and 10 hours of sleep.  Seriously! You could not tell me otherwise.  But you know when God moves you, calls you to action, to sacrifice, to obedience. He begins to teach you things.  Things that I'd been so sure of have started to fall apart, my closing arguments, epic fail.   Then He teaches, fills in my gaps, gently leads me in the way He wants me to go.  All the while giving me loving encouragement and assurance.  And here I find myself where I never thought I'd be, convinced that I only need 8hrs of sleep, actually wanting to get up early. Wanting to have some time with Him to myself, uninterrupted by the world that is my home.  Does He still love me if I don't make it?  Sure He does!  Can I still get through the day?  Yep, He hasn't left.  But I tell you the truth!  And you can handle the truth!  It sure feels good to be there, to be awake, to be in His word.  Just me and Him spending time.  Feels good.  Makes me smile more, makes me think more. 
   Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice to save me.  I can make a little sacrifice to spend time with Him.  Sacrifice my sleep, that's pretty big for me.  It's not easy, but I'll do it!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011! WOOT!

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

This is my first Blog Party!

If you have a blog and want to join follow this link.  If you're visiting me from the UBP11 Hi!

My friends call me Lollie, this is my life.  I have 5 kiddos, married to my best friend who just happens to be the Hottest guy I know!  I homeschool, stay at home Mom stuff. 
I am a believer in Jesus Christ and try to live my life for Him.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Francine Rivers Giveaway!

Head over to Francine Rivers' fan page to enter a great contest to win all of her books!
Francine Rivers Giveaway

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ground Control

   Well this week was a write-off as far as early mornings go,  but not in the way of spending time with people I love!  My Mom was here for a few days over last weekend and into the week.  I had such a good time chatting away with her, we always stay up much to late; hence the lack in early morning rising.   
   Once she left, the Hubby returned.  (not on purpose it just happened that way;)  
   The week flew by, another weekend gone.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back on my mission.  Right now it's lost in outer space!
   I can't wait to dig into the info I printed out, plus pray and seek the Lord on what my Mommy Mission Statement should be. 
   I am so loving watching the snow melt! Even if what's underneath is brown, soggy and stinky!  Ya, and there's THAT too! 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mom on a Mission

    Have you ever heard about or thought about a mission statement as a Mom?  It never occurred to me to have a statement.  My mission mainly has been to SURVIVE!  Not just my own survival but hopefully theirs too! 
   Of course I had some idea of what I would like to teach my kids and how I'd like to do that.  Sometimes it works out, sometimes not.  Although I have a slight idea of what we should do, most days we fly by the seat of our pants!  I've always kind of been like that, spontaneous decisions, or combustion, depends on the day.
   I've been picking up some thoughts and mulling them over.  First of all this getting up earlier thing, which didn't work out for me so well this morning, due to a late night of giggly little girls:)  
   Now this Mom mission statement idea.
  You can read all about it here from Inspired to Action.
I printed off some of the pages.  I'll be praying about it and reading through them in the mornings.  Which by the way are going well (when we go to bed), like yesterday when I got up 20 mins earlier and had nice quiet time reading Acts 4.  I decided to read through the book of Acts.  No particular reason.  What's really cool is my 14yr is following me, setting his alarm early and getting up to read his bible.  Super sweet!
   Today we are getting the house ready for Grandma! She's coming to visit yay!  I love my Mom:)