Thursday, October 20, 2011


  I knew that teaching Highschool would be a challenge.  What I didn't realize is where the challenge would lie. 
   I thought it would be more along the lines of curriculum issues.  Was I going to be able to teach the skills needed to do the work?  I was so encouraged by Bradon's teacher, and there is a multitude of resources to help where skill sets are concerned.
  Nope the challenge is, and I guess always was with the student.  Not that the skills are not attained.  Not that work is misunderstood.  It's the actual "get your self down to work" part.  That's the challenge.  How do I get this young person to complete the task at hand?  There are no amount of incentives or punishments that motivate.  I've even resorted to yelling at moments in my frustration, which get us no where.
   Then miracles! I've seen progress! He's actually finished this report, and it's great.  I make some corrections, fixing run on sentences, spelling mistakes, giving suggestions on using new words.  Now suddenly he wants to rewrite the whole thing differently.  He does not want to make the corrections I gave, he'd like to start again with the same subject but different angle. 
   I gave him a deadline of having the good copy in by tomorrow.  I can not see how he has time to rewrite a report that took him two weeks  (or longer) to complete.  
   Why does he want to do that?  Is it because he doesn't like me correcting it?  It's not like that's anything new, I always correct his work.  Is it a form of perfectionism?  I'm confused. 
   This is the first time he will be handing in his work to someone else.  Is that it?  I don't get it.

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