Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are We There Yet?

Well maybe I should say are we done yet?  I think we are, but I'm afraid to say "Yep done!".  Just in case we aren't.
You see my sweet little Madalyn has been my most challenging potty trainer.  Well I'm suppose to be the trainer I guess, but it really wasn't working out that well.
 Never before had any of the previous 4 put up such a big stink about NOT sitting on the potty.  The first day I could bribe her with chocolate chips, but only if I gave her some every time she sat on it.  Otherwise, no way. 
  I gave up for awhile.  Then once she turned 3 I thought, I really gotta get this girl on a toilet.  Seriously!
  So I bought books, and stickers and treats.  For the first day (second try) she sat and got her treat and read the books.  She was the potty princess.  But we produced nil, nada!  She saved that for the floor. 
  I gave up for another week.   I decided I would have to just accept the fact that this was going to be messy.  We would have to stay home, not have people over, and just get this done. 
  Oh and I bought playdough, the little tubs that you give out in goodie bags.  I had to really stick to my "No playdough till you put something in the potty".  She kicked up quite a fuss with that.
   Thankfully she was really good at number two on the potty.  I can handle cleaning up pee off the floor, but not the other!
Once she caught on that she could have a new little playdough each time she went potty we had no more accidents!! It was like magic!  For a week we stayed home just to make sure, then the big test of wearing no diaper on an outing of more that 3hrs.  She made it! She even told me when she had to go!!
   So are we there yet?  Is she potty trained?  Can I stop holding my breathe? 
 Well today we ran out of playdough, so I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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