Monday, December 15, 2008

Ok it's been decided! We're ditching school! Well just for a few weeks. This week will be cleaning, organizing and maybe baking. I think that we will only bake cookies this year, something the kids can do alone.
The boys have already started cleaning and organizing. They are making 3 toy boxes into 1. With a big bag for the Sally-Ann. Plus some toys for our cute little cousins.
Madalyn is having one of her "hold me mama" days. Which is ok, but that means I won't get as much of my cleaning done as I'd like.
The girls are cleaning there room, which mostly consists of shoving things under the bed, or into the closet. They are so funny.
So here we go a cleaning all the day long! Have fun!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Turtle

"Life as Lollie" doesn't mean I'm writing about the life of a sea turtle, although it may seem like it with the giant picture.

I can't explain it, I love sea turtles. Ever since my first trip to Hawaii I have liked them. As a matter of fact we called our little baby "Aukai" till we named her. Aukai is the Hawaiian word for "little swimmer." It was the name of a little sea turtle.

For some reason the picture is huge! And I'm just figuring out this blog and the editing tools so it'll be that way till I'm done:)

I wasn't sure what to call this Blog. It could have been lots of things. Homeschool Haven, Party of 7, 7 and counting, All things cooked and crazy( huh?). Anyway I think it'll have to be "Life as Lollie" till I think of something better. Lollie is me by the way. A name given to me by my little friend, who isn't so little anymore;)

So we shall see what actually ends up on here won't we.

For now hope you all have a warm and cozy night, cause it's freezing out there!

To Blog or My Space that is the question

Well a year ago I wrote my latest entry on my msn "my space" . I haven't been that good at keeping up with it. So I decided to try blogging, LOL. Like it'll be different or something. We'll see. Something tells me I may not be here much. Perhaps because as I start writing, the fire needs more wood, the kids are getting out of there beds and the baby is crying!
So this is all for now:)