Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Name Game

  There comes a time in the anticipation of baby that you play the "name game".  Very rarely do Josh and I ever agree on a name.  Maybe we do for a little while, then someone comes back and you know that feeling, "I just don't know".
  We had thought that if we have another girl we'd like to give her a Hawaiian name.  We love Hawaii after all.  It just so happens that our favorite Dr. who delivered 4 out of the 5 we have has a Hawaiian name.  
   Leilani.  We thought for the longest time that Leilani would be her first name.  But now we're not so sure, for sure her middle name.
  What goes with Leilani??
Got any suggestions?
We have a boys name.  That one's not a problem, we've had it for the last three girls!
  If you care to share some girls names, that you don't mind me using:)  Please do!!


Ruth said...

Oh man! I am in love with baby names! Well, I guess its just names in general. This is my two cents: When we were researching names, I read in most of my books/websites that the way to create a beautifully sounding name, the syllables have a lot to do with it. So, if Leilani is a 3 syllable name, "they" say that a 1 or 2 syllable middle name flows better. Also, because your last name is 2 syllables, "they" say a one syllable name is the better choice. Of course, this is just opinion and you can name your baby anything you want. But I love the first name choice! Beautiful!!! I'm not sure if you have seen , but it has tons and tons of lists! Here is a LONG list of one syllable names...

Dawn said...

Chloe or Dawn :) We had so many amazing names chosen! Do you know yet what you are having? Are you planning on finding out? Can't wait to meet your new baby. Love you!

Sharon said...

Oh dear.... names... Mark and I could NEVER really truly agree on names!!! That is why they all have on the one name... Mark named the girls and I got to name the boys!!(I had a midwife that felt sorry for me when Shane was born and told Mark that I had all the hard work so I should pick the name!!! tehe!) How about Faith? Joy? Something short sweet and too the point... that is if you decide on Leilani for the first name!!!! Hope? How about Leilani Lee!!! (a little after you... I know sounds a bit Lee lee ish!!) ANYWAYS... all the best with that one!!!! Can't wait to hear when bubs comes!!!