Friday, April 15, 2011

How/What to pack for Road/Airplane trip.

   Having a laundry facility on the other end of your trip is a plus, plus.  It means you can pack less!
Here's the basic list:
 2 long pants
 4 shorts
 4 short sleeve shirts
 2 long sleeve shirts
1 Hoodie
 2 pairs of socks
 5 pairs of underwear
2 dresses (girls)
1 pair flip-flops
1 pair of hiker sandals
1 pair of aqua socks
1 pair of runners (mostly for the getting there and getting back)
1 hat
1 pair of pjs

To be honest the shoes take up more room than the clothes!
For me I have all of those plus:
There are towels there so I don't need to pack any.

For the road:
Home made cookies and mini muffins.
Store bought trail mix, banana chips and flax crackers.
Fruit snacks
Word searches
Blues Clues colouring book and crayons
Mad libs
1 pillow each
Blanket for Madi
1 mp3 player each (except Mads)

For the Plane:
1 Monopoly card game
1 Sorry card game
1 new mad libs
A bunch of stickers
Plus all the stuff from the car.  I am keeping somethings new
for the 6hr plane ride.
And a secret sucky hidden in my purse for Madi emergencies.  You know the screaming, crying, get me out of here kind.

There you have it. 
Oh I forgot the car DVD player, plus the secret new DVD I bought.  Do you remember Chip and Dale the Rescue Rangers?  I found them at Wal-Mart a 3 disc set!

Ok done!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Check it out!!

I want to introduce a new blogger to you!
Lilly through the valley
Check it out:)

Also these sweet ladies who've been blogging and I forgot to introduce them to you!
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Hope you don't mind me sharing:)

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I have a few more than I thought.  But I think they are all worth introducing! You can also find them in my side bar, where I have blog links:)
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I have a few more, but I'll give you a break. 
Ok, have fun!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WILW Link up! And a notice for my absence (that will come:)

I thought this looked fun.  What I Love Wednesdays.  I linked up with Krystina at Lollipops. 

What I love.  I love the Beach.

And of course I love my family.

You KNOW I love coffee, but my favorite coffee is Kona, and you can only get it in one place.  You know the place......


Yep, that's the place.   And what could be better than having my family on a beach and me drinking Kona Coffee?!

So that's where I'll be Monday morning.  Sitting at the beach in Hawaii watching the kids play, sipping my Kona!
Now you'll know why it's so quiet here, we're at our second home (I wish!). 
Wish I could bring you all along! Love ya!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


  I won a blog design!!! I'm so excited!  I can't wait to see what Erin can do.  You can check out her site here and her portfolio.  
   Her blog is called Insight Blog Design.  
So stay tuned to see what will be new. 
Also a question for you bloggers, what is the difference between Blogger and Word Press?  Is one better than the other?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Ashley

   How do I describe her.  Bundle of energy, doing everything with all of her.  All the knees in every pair of pants are gone, and yet a princess in every way.  Nothing is ever hidden, she wears it all up front so you can see.  She will always try to make you happy, she's very good a co-operating.   Organized, well maybe not.   Ready for adventure, always.
   Can't believe she is 9 now.  How did that go so fast?  Like her entrance into this world, a mere 45mins in hospital, gave that nurse a run for her money!  The Dr. arrived in her pjs just in time to catch!
   That's Ashley our little lightening bolt!  Bundles of muscle and life, full of loveliness.
  She has a talent for art, in fact she NEEDS to draw.  She goes through withdrawals and pleads "Mama I just need some paper PLEASE" bouncing up and down in desperation.  I hand her yet another piece from my printer.  Aaahhh, a big sigh of relief and she quickly sketches it full.  Back for more!
   Ashley who makes a friend where ever we happen to be.  At the pool, at the park, on a beach.  "Mom this is my new friend _____"  She's done this through the grocery store before. 
   My girl, you delight me.  I am so amused watching you and full of excitement for your life and what it shall behold.  
   In Christ she lives.  Through her Saviour conquered her fears.  She clings to Him and builds herself in His truths.  She draws them out and tapes them on the wall above her bed.  So at night when she feels the lies trying to creep into her mind she reads her verses, truths He gave her.  She smiles rolled up in His love and sleeps soundly through the night.  I am in awe.
Happy Birthday Sweet, Vibrant Girl, I love you!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Bevan

 Bevan's favorite colour is green.  He is very organized and keeps his room neat and tidy.  For that he can thank his father.  He absolutely hates change.  Here he can thank his mother.
  Changes are hard.  Sometimes I love it, like changing seasons, I love for Spring to come and turn into Summer!  Other times change is hard, like life changes, where things are not like they were.  Oh we adjust of course and we think back to the "good ole days". 
  My kids are growing up.  Bevan turned 12 this week.  It doesn't really feel like that long ago when I brought my 8lb 11 oz baby boy home.  He's getting taller too, pretty soon he's going to pass me.  What happens when Mom's are now smaller than you?  Will I still be Queen?  Will they still obey and listen to me?  I feel like I'm shrinking into the incredible shrinking woman.  I have a small squeaky voice as I follow them around..."get back here and do your chores! Where are you going? You can't ignore me"  I don't know what it will be like.  My brain is still having a hard time switching from Toddler to Big Kid.  Now the Big Kids are turning into Young Men, with their sisters not far behind.  Well I mean I know their sisters won't be young men!
   Young Men, Wow.  Just the thought of those words makes me feel so inadequate.  And thank God that I am otherwise I might not ask for His help!   I was going to ask how you raise Young Men, but I'm thinking that by the time they get to that stage they've already been "raised".  Now is the last bit of training and teaching that I can squeeze in before.....the young men turn into Men.  Yikes!
    This is the coaching faze.  Where they get to go out and make the plays on their own, but I still get to call "time out" from the side lines.  One day soon I won't get to have that job, I'll be a spectator, with no say.   I can cheer and boo, but that's about it!
   This post is suppose to be all about my Bevy boy! He's the big Birthday Boy Young Man.   For his birthday dinner he asked for his favorite, mashed potatoes, corn and steak (done schnitzel still).  Ice Cream Cake to top it all off. 
   He had some buddies come over and they played for a few hours, ate chips and hot dogs.  At the end of the day he said "It was a good day, I had fun."  Just what I wanted to hear.
Happy Birthday my son.  May you continue to grow in the Grace, Knowledge and Love of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Still here!

  I have been so busy! Today is birthday party number 2!
I really want to do a post for each of my birthday babies.  Once this day is over maybe I'll have some time to write!
Not only write but sit down and read through some of the great blogs I found at the UBP!
  So this is just some chicken scratches to let you know we're still around!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sacrifice My Sleep

Me sleeping.

   Does is count if you get up early and go back to bed?  You know cause I did get up yesterday and today, but then I went back to bed.  I read my bible, prayed, then went back to sleep for 45min.  Well all that yesterday, today I knew I was going to church so I thought I'd skip it.  (not the waking up part, the bible reading part;)
   I think it should count.  Don't you?
   It could be counted as a nap, maybe. 
Seriously though, I had big plans this past week and for whatever reason it just didn't happen.  I am determined to do this, get back on the "wake up early" wagon.  Now I know that 7am is not that early to some of you, but if you know me, well then you're probably laughing.  You're laughing 'cause you've come to my house and woke me up at 9 or 10am!!
   So you see folks 7 is early in my books.  So early in fact that I have to think about it the night before and get my butt to bed before 10:30, otherwise it doesn't happen. 
  I was convinced that I needed between 9 and 10 hours of sleep.  Seriously! You could not tell me otherwise.  But you know when God moves you, calls you to action, to sacrifice, to obedience. He begins to teach you things.  Things that I'd been so sure of have started to fall apart, my closing arguments, epic fail.   Then He teaches, fills in my gaps, gently leads me in the way He wants me to go.  All the while giving me loving encouragement and assurance.  And here I find myself where I never thought I'd be, convinced that I only need 8hrs of sleep, actually wanting to get up early. Wanting to have some time with Him to myself, uninterrupted by the world that is my home.  Does He still love me if I don't make it?  Sure He does!  Can I still get through the day?  Yep, He hasn't left.  But I tell you the truth!  And you can handle the truth!  It sure feels good to be there, to be awake, to be in His word.  Just me and Him spending time.  Feels good.  Makes me smile more, makes me think more. 
   Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice to save me.  I can make a little sacrifice to spend time with Him.  Sacrifice my sleep, that's pretty big for me.  It's not easy, but I'll do it!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011! WOOT!

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

This is my first Blog Party!

If you have a blog and want to join follow this link.  If you're visiting me from the UBP11 Hi!

My friends call me Lollie, this is my life.  I have 5 kiddos, married to my best friend who just happens to be the Hottest guy I know!  I homeschool, stay at home Mom stuff. 
I am a believer in Jesus Christ and try to live my life for Him.