Friday, September 2, 2011

16 years ago

Ok this picture is not from 16 years ago. This is last year:)

    What better day to start blogging again than on our 16th wedding anniversary. 
    Josh proposed June 1995 and we were married on Sept. 2, 1995. 
    He was no slacker on his proposal either.  He worked tirelessly on kinder eggs perfecting his resealing technique so I would not be able to tell it had previously been opened. 
   The day he proposed we'd been dating for 6 months.  We had talked about our future and what we wanted.  I knew that he want us to be married one day, I didn't know that he would propose that day.
   We walked up to the little store near his parents house, like we usually did.   We bought 2 kinder eggs, like usual.  The only thing that was different was his insistence on me opening the little yellow toy keeper.  I like to finish my chocolate first,  but he was so insistent that I finally opened it. 
    There under the instruction paper was a gold ring with a shiny diamond.  I gasped!
    Josh took the ring out and got down on one knee, right there on the street corner and asked me to marry him.
    After I caught my breathe I said "YES".  
Now here we are after 16 years of marriage and 6 kids later.

Did I say 6??


Bonnie said...

Congratulations Lauralee, Josh, Bradon, Bevan, Natalie, Ashley & Maddy on your baby Davis version 2012!!! We are so excited for you all! Love, Chris, Bonnie, Sydney Lochlyn, Luke Alexander & Bianca Marijke Swan Schoonderwoerd ;) xox

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Lauralee and family! May God bless all of you as you grow in him! May all your blessings rise to call you blessed and Praise the Lord by your side!

Love and prayers,
Melissa Murray (and family!)

Lollie said...

Thank you Bonnie and Melissa:)