Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Thinking and Baby Stuff

    While looking and searching for Christmas gifts my mind keeps wandering to baby gear.
    I saw online a great double stroller awhile back.  Now I can't find it. 
    Not sure if we should get an Ergo this time or just stick to the wraps.
   My name dilemma was solved.  We've had a boy name for the last three girls.  I finally get to use it!
   Trying to think of stuff to do "for me" as my Dr. instructed. 
   Trying not to be busy and just relax, which isn't too hard with how tired I am.  Although I do see a lot of "stuff" I want to get done before Christmas.  A little frustrated with the lack of energy.  If I had more, maybe I could do more.
   Madi's room needs to be tackled, and she needs to move from the crib to a big girl bed.  It's getting more difficult to lift her in and out. 
   I'm really simplifying the decorations this year.  Our tree will be our Jesse tree, adorned with our Jesse ornaments, paper snowflakes, white lights and a single white ribbon. 
  I would like to have some candles around.  I have lots of candles but lack the pretty/simple candle holders. 
  Wondering how much my budget for Christmas will be. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Name Game

  There comes a time in the anticipation of baby that you play the "name game".  Very rarely do Josh and I ever agree on a name.  Maybe we do for a little while, then someone comes back and you know that feeling, "I just don't know".
  We had thought that if we have another girl we'd like to give her a Hawaiian name.  We love Hawaii after all.  It just so happens that our favorite Dr. who delivered 4 out of the 5 we have has a Hawaiian name.  
   Leilani.  We thought for the longest time that Leilani would be her first name.  But now we're not so sure, for sure her middle name.
  What goes with Leilani??
Got any suggestions?
We have a boys name.  That one's not a problem, we've had it for the last three girls!
  If you care to share some girls names, that you don't mind me using:)  Please do!!