Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WILW Link up! And a notice for my absence (that will come:)

I thought this looked fun.  What I Love Wednesdays.  I linked up with Krystina at Lollipops. 

What I love.  I love the Beach.

And of course I love my family.

You KNOW I love coffee, but my favorite coffee is Kona, and you can only get it in one place.  You know the place......


Yep, that's the place.   And what could be better than having my family on a beach and me drinking Kona Coffee?!

So that's where I'll be Monday morning.  Sitting at the beach in Hawaii watching the kids play, sipping my Kona!
Now you'll know why it's so quiet here, we're at our second home (I wish!). 
Wish I could bring you all along! Love ya!


Bonita Rose said...

lucky you!!! I hope to visit Hawaii one day! hugs xo

joni said...

starbucks coffee and a 2011 mug pleeease .. i will slip the money in the mail. smile