Thursday, June 9, 2011

Right-Brained, Left-Brained

  Apparently I'm right-brained.  This means that if I don't see it, it doesn't exist.  Which really explains why my clothes never make it out of the laundry basket in my room.  Clean clothes are in the basket, I dig out of there.  Dirty clothes on the floor, in the corner, I chuck them over there.  It also means I'm suppose to be artistic, hmm, I must have more left-braininess in there cause I can't draw to save my life!
  I was convinced that my sweet husband, love of my life, was totally 100% left-brained.  My reasons for this conclusion are that left-brainy people are organized.  Everything has a place and everything in it's place.  He is constantly putting things where I can't find them "in their place".  Which I appreciate, but have a hard time with.  You see in my brain if I can't see it, it's gone, therefore I go buy more.  Ya, this is a source of frustration and sometimes laughter in my house.
  Last week I thought it was strange that we went through a whole box of diapers.  But I went and bought more anyway.  When Josh came home he showed me the full draw of diapers! Oops!
   I was pondering creative ideas for when the toilet paper runs out today, you see I am hoping for a paycheck today or tomorrow.  If that doesn't happen we'll be using paper towel!   Anyways not to worry, while doing my 31 days to clean I was actually hanging things in my wardrobe, which Josh and I share and VOILA!! TOILET PAPER!  I thought we went through that big bulk package awfully fast even for this house!  My sweet left-brained man had put it away:)
   Oh and we did an online test, to laugh at ourselves and apparently he's not so left-brained after all.  In fact he's perfectly balanced, 49-51%  Of course as I suspected he's 49 right and 51 left.   I wasn't totally wrong.  
   As for me I lean quite far into the right, with very small slice of left.  Enough left that I can add 2+2 and that's about it.  Sorry I forget the exact numbers, something like 70-30 or there abouts.
   So if you think your seeing double at my house, you probably aren't.  What surely happened was that Josh put it away, I thought it was gone forever and bought another one;)

I went and got you my numbers 33 Left and 67 Right.:)


Eternal Instants said...

I'm taking that test and trying to follow your blog... but having some issues with that... May have to try back again later.

Lollie said...

Oh no. Are there issues with the link? I got to it ok just now. Hmm. Sorry I'm not much help in techi stuff.

Holly Anna said...

Love the post.
I saw your post on Inspired to Action about "organizing and lists". You and I have a lot in common in that area.

You have a beautiful family!!
Love your blog!
Hope you have a blessed weekend.

Holly in Kentucky