Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Ashley

   How do I describe her.  Bundle of energy, doing everything with all of her.  All the knees in every pair of pants are gone, and yet a princess in every way.  Nothing is ever hidden, she wears it all up front so you can see.  She will always try to make you happy, she's very good a co-operating.   Organized, well maybe not.   Ready for adventure, always.
   Can't believe she is 9 now.  How did that go so fast?  Like her entrance into this world, a mere 45mins in hospital, gave that nurse a run for her money!  The Dr. arrived in her pjs just in time to catch!
   That's Ashley our little lightening bolt!  Bundles of muscle and life, full of loveliness.
  She has a talent for art, in fact she NEEDS to draw.  She goes through withdrawals and pleads "Mama I just need some paper PLEASE" bouncing up and down in desperation.  I hand her yet another piece from my printer.  Aaahhh, a big sigh of relief and she quickly sketches it full.  Back for more!
   Ashley who makes a friend where ever we happen to be.  At the pool, at the park, on a beach.  "Mom this is my new friend _____"  She's done this through the grocery store before. 
   My girl, you delight me.  I am so amused watching you and full of excitement for your life and what it shall behold.  
   In Christ she lives.  Through her Saviour conquered her fears.  She clings to Him and builds herself in His truths.  She draws them out and tapes them on the wall above her bed.  So at night when she feels the lies trying to creep into her mind she reads her verses, truths He gave her.  She smiles rolled up in His love and sleeps soundly through the night.  I am in awe.
Happy Birthday Sweet, Vibrant Girl, I love you!


Faith and Family Reviews said...

Happy Birthday, Ashley! We are celebrating another "A" birthday at our house today, but she's only 5. She is our princess amid four boys since all of her sisters are older.
Have a wonderful day!

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter!

Annie said...

happy birthday Ashley!! What a beautiful post, love that you are blessed with such a fun and ambitious girl.