Friday, October 14, 2011

Love Creative People Who Invent Useful Things!

  3 years ago when baby #5 was born I discovered a whole lot of new baby and mom things that had been invented since the fourth baby. 
   I love all the useful new things, and so glad that some Mom invented it, and shared it!
   I found a new one today! 
   I've used the Bella Band to help with modesty in nursing, and have found it sometimes lacking. 
  Now there is Modest Middles.  A tank top that is super low, the top sits under your bra (you wear it under your shirt) so you can easily pull up your shirt and nurse your baby without showing your back, side and belly!
You can visit Life in a Shoe to see her giveaway!
This is for sure on my list of baby gear for this baby!   

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