Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Year

Hmmm, I think my frustration with Google Blogger is growing. My pictures are backwards and if I try to rearrange them the page stalls forever!!
So bare with me as I blog despite the mistakes and think about switching my Blog host!!

Madalyn's first year has flown by. I can't believe it was 1 year ago Sept 21st that she was born. It just seems like a couple of months ago.

She's been such a joy to us all. The kids are as enthralled with her as we are. Having a huge space between the kids is like having the first one all over again. All her little "firsts" are so fun and we revel in each one.

So Happy First Birthday my little darling baby. May you always be as sweet as you are now. And like all my babies before you, you will always be my baby, and Daddy's little sweet heart.
And Praise you Lord God for healing our little baby girl. She is no longer at risk for SVT.

Friday, September 4, 2009

14 Years and Counting

September 2nd 1995 I married the man of my dreams. It has been 14 years since then and I can honestly say he's still the man of my dreams. Actually more then that, the man I needed in my life, my other half:)

We were very young when we got married, just 19yrs old. Josh only a few days short of 20.

It hasn't always been easy. There were a couple of years in the middle there, we were going in different directions. But out of a love for each other, a desire to seek God and keep Christ the center of relationship, we made a road back to one another. In the process overcoming our individual "stuff" and learning how to get through our relationship "stuff" together in a constructive way. Marriage is work, but it's one of those things that "something worth having is worth working for."

Josh never ceases to amaze me. And with that neither does God:) Just when I think I got the guy all figured out, he surprises me. Sometimes good, sometimes not;) But overall I love the life that he and I have built together. Like learning how to play an instrument, it takes years of practice to actually make it sound beautiful. I think we're starting to sound pretty great, even if now and then we hit a flat note:)

I think the ultimate test of a relationship is who you become as a person. I can truly say that I am a better person because of him. Iron sharpens iron they say. I hope I've had the same positive effect on him;) That being said I can also be the most horrible person in his presence, a side that no one else will ever see,(lucky guy eh?) My selfishness and pride will rear it's ugliness with no one else more then my dear husband. (And maybe my sister, Sorry JoJo). It's with the people closest to us that we see who we truly are in all our glory and grossness. The bonus is they love us anyway. Because he still can love me even when I'm less then beautiful, (actually quite the opposite), makes me love him more. This also gives me more room for him to make the same mistakes and to love him through his not-so-prince-charming moments.

So Babe! Thank you for all those 14 years! My husband, my lover, my best friend. I am proud to be called yours and so privileged that you are mine. Here's to 100 more years, you and me baby! PS How many kids is that now?? ;)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My First Baby Girl (sry the pics are messed up)

Nat 2 Natalie age 9

couple mons


So Aug. 29, 2000, Natalie Michelle Davis enters the stage. She joins the Losh&Jollie Davis clan as the first born girl. What a lot of hair!! Thick black hair with frosted tips! Is she ours? After 2 mostly bald boys it's hard to tell. What a sweet little baby girl. Pink is so fun. After she was born pink officially became my favorite colour. The first 4 weeks were perfect. Then the colic started. How we survived I don't know, but thankfully it only lasted 3 months. At 4mons she was back to angel baby, as if nothing had happened.

Natalie has been such a joy. Some of the things she use to say were. "I luss you" "iceceem" "beva hit me" "brada hit me" "lets go"

Her hair was always amazing. I was so sad when she was 4yrs I had to cut lots of inches off. It was past her bottom.

I love having my girlie:) (All my girlie's but this post is about Natalie;)

Now my little girl is 9. Overall she is very nice and well behaved. Although like anyone she has her moments. :)

Natalie is very creative and likes to sew with her sewing machine. She draws very well. This year she requested a bow and arrows for her birthday. So that's what she got:)

So you can probably tell I got most of these pictures from my album. I do scrap booking so I couldn't' take them out and scan them without ruining my pictures. I have no idea how to fix them or why they came up sideways!

Looking forward to watching her continue to grow:)