Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Bevan

 Bevan's favorite colour is green.  He is very organized and keeps his room neat and tidy.  For that he can thank his father.  He absolutely hates change.  Here he can thank his mother.
  Changes are hard.  Sometimes I love it, like changing seasons, I love for Spring to come and turn into Summer!  Other times change is hard, like life changes, where things are not like they were.  Oh we adjust of course and we think back to the "good ole days". 
  My kids are growing up.  Bevan turned 12 this week.  It doesn't really feel like that long ago when I brought my 8lb 11 oz baby boy home.  He's getting taller too, pretty soon he's going to pass me.  What happens when Mom's are now smaller than you?  Will I still be Queen?  Will they still obey and listen to me?  I feel like I'm shrinking into the incredible shrinking woman.  I have a small squeaky voice as I follow them around..."get back here and do your chores! Where are you going? You can't ignore me"  I don't know what it will be like.  My brain is still having a hard time switching from Toddler to Big Kid.  Now the Big Kids are turning into Young Men, with their sisters not far behind.  Well I mean I know their sisters won't be young men!
   Young Men, Wow.  Just the thought of those words makes me feel so inadequate.  And thank God that I am otherwise I might not ask for His help!   I was going to ask how you raise Young Men, but I'm thinking that by the time they get to that stage they've already been "raised".  Now is the last bit of training and teaching that I can squeeze in before.....the young men turn into Men.  Yikes!
    This is the coaching faze.  Where they get to go out and make the plays on their own, but I still get to call "time out" from the side lines.  One day soon I won't get to have that job, I'll be a spectator, with no say.   I can cheer and boo, but that's about it!
   This post is suppose to be all about my Bevy boy! He's the big Birthday Boy Young Man.   For his birthday dinner he asked for his favorite, mashed potatoes, corn and steak (done schnitzel still).  Ice Cream Cake to top it all off. 
   He had some buddies come over and they played for a few hours, ate chips and hot dogs.  At the end of the day he said "It was a good day, I had fun."  Just what I wanted to hear.
Happy Birthday my son.  May you continue to grow in the Grace, Knowledge and Love of our Savior Jesus Christ.

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Amy Sullivan said...

Oh the coaching faze. I'm not ready! I want to hold on. I mean really, I can't even fathom, but as my daughters grow, one thing that I'm learning is that I need more moms in my life who have "been there" and gone through the same struggles that I will surely face.