Friday, April 15, 2011

How/What to pack for Road/Airplane trip.

   Having a laundry facility on the other end of your trip is a plus, plus.  It means you can pack less!
Here's the basic list:
 2 long pants
 4 shorts
 4 short sleeve shirts
 2 long sleeve shirts
1 Hoodie
 2 pairs of socks
 5 pairs of underwear
2 dresses (girls)
1 pair flip-flops
1 pair of hiker sandals
1 pair of aqua socks
1 pair of runners (mostly for the getting there and getting back)
1 hat
1 pair of pjs

To be honest the shoes take up more room than the clothes!
For me I have all of those plus:
There are towels there so I don't need to pack any.

For the road:
Home made cookies and mini muffins.
Store bought trail mix, banana chips and flax crackers.
Fruit snacks
Word searches
Blues Clues colouring book and crayons
Mad libs
1 pillow each
Blanket for Madi
1 mp3 player each (except Mads)

For the Plane:
1 Monopoly card game
1 Sorry card game
1 new mad libs
A bunch of stickers
Plus all the stuff from the car.  I am keeping somethings new
for the 6hr plane ride.
And a secret sucky hidden in my purse for Madi emergencies.  You know the screaming, crying, get me out of here kind.

There you have it. 
Oh I forgot the car DVD player, plus the secret new DVD I bought.  Do you remember Chip and Dale the Rescue Rangers?  I found them at Wal-Mart a 3 disc set!

Ok done!


Dawn said...

We pack pretty close to the same stuff! I love having laundry facilities when I travel. We have started packing only 4 days of clothes max. Some people think we are nuts but I would rather stop to do laundry a few times than pack a lot of luggage around. Hope you enjoyed Hawaii!

Amy Sullivan said...

Hope you have safe travels. Can't wait to check out all of your links below. I love when people link-up good reads, thanks!