Monday, June 13, 2011

Uphill Both Ways

  Well I made one goal happen on Saturday.  I got up at 6am!  To be honest I really had to get up that early, actually I stayed in bed till 6:15, but that is still earlier than I ever have without it involving a crying baby.
  I was up at this crazy hour because the boys were participating in the Seafest Parade.  We first had to drive an hour and a half to get there. 
   The girls had slept over at Oma's because Daddy is at camp.  The boys and I got up, ate breaky then into uniform they got.  I downed 2 cups of coffee and off we went.  We grabbed 2 hot chocolates and another coffee at Timmy's!
   It was a really nice drive.  We chatted, they listened to Odyssey stories.  My Sirius radio blasting the Message the whole way. 
  This is a very long parade.  Bevan's drum teacher was concerned that Bevan might not be able to carry the drum the whole way.   Bradon's feet have grown and his shoes are pinching his heels and toes.  We are all gathered with the band at a lovely couples home.  They live right beside where the parade starts. 
  Once we're ready to line up for the parade, I carry Bevan's drum the short walk over there.  In my mind I'm thinking that he should save all his energy for the actual parade. 
  The parade begins, Bevan hooks up his drum and off we go.  I follow along on the side to be there when Bev is done with the drum.   We are followed by the Navy bus and I secretly wish I was brave enough to ask for a ride, cause I'm to lazy to walk this whole thing! 
   We walk up a hill, and not just a little hill, these streets are like rolling hills!   Then down and up a side street.  I lost count of the blocks we walked this far.  If that bus would just get a little closer I could jump on.
   Bagpipes singing and drums beating we turn up a side street and then back down another street.  Heading in the direction we came.  Great another hill!
  The band played great, lots of cheering and hooting from the crowd.  Bevan gives me a look.  I give him the thumbs up and wave him on.  He frowns at me.
  Just at the last building at the end of the parade, he stops drumming and his holding up the straps with his hands.  Ok, I wave him over. 
  "Look! You made it all the way to the end!"  He smiles at me, hands me the drum, and gets back in line.
   The boys get lots of good pats on the back for a job well done.  Brady runs and changes into his runners the first chance he gets!
  We say our thanks, and good byes and head to McDonald's.

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