Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sand, Salt, Sun. Oh and Water!

The view off the right side of our Lanai

Madi's favorite part of Hawaii

One of the pools

With Papa and Grandma each morning.

Fun in the Sand

On a leaning Coconut Tree

Walking back to our Villa after Church.
Daddy and Madi way in front, Bevan must be back with Grandma and Papa.

The Shaka sign, which began in Hawaii and became a universal surfer sign for catching a good wave.
I learned the origins of this sign while on a train ride.
Back when the sugar cane trains use to run in Hawaii is where the Shaka began.  It started as a wave by one train driver (I forget his name). He would wave to the children on the side of the tracks, well they thought he was waving so they'd wave back.  Really he was waving them away because sometimes they would jump on the train or run up and take dropping sugar cane.
He had some kind of accident (I don't remember what) where he lost his 3 middle fingers.  Only his pinkie and thumb remained.  He continued driving the train, but now when he waved at the children, they didn't know he lost his fingers so they copied him.  Thumb and pinkie.  The kids began making this sign to one another to let each other know it was a good day for a ride (jumping on the train) or that sugar cane had fallen off and they'd go get it.

A rare moment with all the children in the picture.