Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here we sit amoung the pumpkins

...well Madalyn is a she doesn't get dirty. HeeHee, #5 and I'm still fussy about dirt, how 'bout that.

This time of year is all about planting, gardening, new green things growing everywhere. So for school we planted pumpkins. Josh loves pumpkin pie so I thought planting 1 more for Madalyn wouldn't hurt...her pumpkin is the only one that grew! It's getting to big for the styro-foam cup (I know very enviro savvy, but what can you do it came in the kit!) so now it gets a new home in Oma's garden.

So Maddi watches as we plant her pumpkin, her first gardening experience. I barely got her down in the box and she had a fist full of dirt in her mouth. So we also swallowed our first dirt today. Still so fun. Bevan freaked out the most, so funny! So we got as much dirt out of her hands as we could and took a couple pictures. Oh the big pumpkin is from the garden last year. I need to get a cellar like Oma's everything keeps nice. My "cold" room froze everything solid! Not good when we're talking buckets of potatoes! That's not so bad though. I once left a box of tomatoes to ripen in my bedroom closet.....and forgot them for that was bad!

I have not yet had a pumpkin episode, but perhaps one may happen since we just planted 4 more pumpkin plants!

Notice the dirt around her mouth,
and the chicken-pox:(

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Bradon is my oldest child. He was the first born. The one you make all the mistakes on. So when decisions are made about what he should and shouldn't do it's kind of like flipping a coin. One that stays in the air until he is grown up and see where the coin landed.

When Bradon was 9 he told us that he needed to be Baptised. We agreed that all who repent are to be Baptised and we were very glad he asked Jesus into his heart. We asked him to wait until he was 12 to be Baptised. We were afraid that he didn't really understand, but he did, and he waited.

At 12 he said "Mom I'm 12 remember about Baptism?" So when the first Baptismal classes started we let him join. Still I was worried that he didn't really understand what he was doing. But to my surprise he did. And so he made his stand in his faith and was baptised.
Alive in Christ!
Me, Bradon, Josh and Madalyn. (I don't like this picture of me. but here it is for you to see:P)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I can do it! But not while distracted:(

I can do it! I can sew a baby sling! I made a baby sling today, mostly by myself:) Well I did the sewing anyway. When I arrived at the cutting it out part my Mother-in-Law was here and baby wanted to eat, so she cut it out for me. I think she was as excited as I was.

Having her here was great, she explained all the sewing jargon that I couldn't understand. It turned out great. Well it's about an inch to long (or was, I fixed it). It seemed so easy I thought I'd make another one, to give as a gift.

Well by then my MIL was gone, and the boys were back for the races. Making anything that requires a brain should not have been on my list. Honestly though I thought I could handle it, they were playing a Game Cube game. The girls were planting in Oma's garden. Baby was sleeping. Hubby happily tinkering in the shop. So I'm safe....right?


The boys came in fighting over some body's dumb move on the game, which cost them the reward..(or something like that I wasn't really listening.) I continue to measure and cut my material as they natter away at me and then change the subject and start asking for things like computer games. OK now I have to kind of pay attention to them because I don't want to say yes to the wrong thing.

Cut the material. Tell the one boy no, and the other yes. (it's complicated). Hold up my material and......AAAAAHHH! I cut the wrong end, there is no fold anymore! and the curve is going the wrong way!!! AAAAHHHH!
So I growl a bit at the boys and chase them outside.

Now what am I going to do??
I decided that I can't fix it at this point, so I guess it goes in that pile of material for Natalie. She likes to make all kinds of things.

Oh well at least I got one good sling out of it. Madalyn is still getting use to it:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

WHOA!! Why so fast?

My little Maddi is 8mons. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. I don't want her to stop growing, but we could slow down just a little couldn't we? Actually I shouldn't complain, she hasn't actually taken off crawling yet. She is trying though. Everyday she has something new she's learned.

She loves food, as long as it's not pureed! And that pesky top tooth is trying to push it's way through her poor little gums.

I remember once in awhile stopping and looking at the children and thinking, "Oh they grow so fast" But I don't think I was ever this sad about it. Maybe in the back of my mind I knew we could always have one more:) Now though I feel so sad that my baby is moving into the "big" baby stages and leaving the "newbornness" behind. It is fun to watch her change and grow, becoming the little person she is. It's a happy/sad I guess.

We were in Houston recently, visiting my family. My Mom and Step-Dad enjoyed the kids, and had fun playing with the baby. My Sister was there too, so Maddi got to have lots of Auntie Jo cuddles. And big cousins Caleb and Colton gooed and gagaed at her.

There is a bigger carpet area at my Mom's so Maddi really got her "almost" crawl on! She loved it. Papa rescued her from the fire place a couple times, she rolls to get around.
Oh, there she calls, time for lunch. Maybe I'll have time to whine some more tomorrow;P

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's been awhile, but we're on the road again!

Today we're heading out. Going to Houston! Madalyn's first road trip and first time at Grandma's. I better not forget my camera! For some reason it's always forgotten. Of course the one thing I really try not to forget is the diaper bag, and yes it has been forgotten before( yikes!). I forgot how much stuff you have to take with you when you travel with babies. After Ashley turned 3 or 4 we didn't have to bring so much stuff! Oh well:)

It's going to be nice to visit the family. I haven't seen my sister since Christmas. My mom came up to Terrace at Spring break with my nephews. That was fun:)
Mom's house will be full, 4 adults, 7 kids, 3 dogs! Oh and Mom's cat:) Mom and Bob just finished reno's too, so we'll have to be careful not to destroy anything. That being said I can honestly say it never ceases to amaze me what kids can wreck! If you think anything is isn' me! And in all fairness to my other 3 children (Maddi hasn't had a chance to show us her destructive side yet), it has mostly been my oldest boy. He has a voracious curiosity about everything, and can't wait to ask you how a thing works he must take it apart immediately to discover it's mysteries. When he was 6yrs old I walk into his room to find multiple holes in the walls. I shrieked (sorry I know but I can't help it sometimes) "What are you doing!!!" The stunned child looked at me wide eyed as if this were something I should not be shocked about. "Why are you putting holes in the wall?" me trying very hard to calm down. "I wanted to see what the wall was made of"
And so it's been this way since:)

So here's hoping that when we leave Grandma's house, we leave it the way we found it:)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yay Lapbooks! My Favorite:)

I love Lapbooks. I love putting them together, writing on them, cutting stuff out. So fun. I cheat really though, it's the ready to assemble kind, so there's no planning involved for me at all. Everyone just has to follow the directions. Yay! Well the girls and I think Yay! The boys are like yay.... Hahaha. For those of you new to Lapbooks, it's a booklet with little books inside that give little details about the subject you are leaning. Our lapbook today involved things about Esther and Purim. All the books of the Old Testament, Jonah, Daniel and our favorite Proverbs.

In the next couple weeks we will be doing one about Ancient Greece. We've done one for Ancient Egypt and one about Elijah and Elisha with Kings of Israel and Judah.

I will keep doing Lapbooks for as long as I can:) It's a great way to reinforce what they learn. Plus just plan fun, for those of us who like to cut, glue and write a little:)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Rain, Rain, come again....and stay all day, heck stay 3 or 4!!

Sorry yawl. I know we want the sun but this hayfever is finishing me. I need RAIN! So I'm very glad it's raining out. This year my allergies are finishing off with a very annoying asthma type cough and wheeze! This is crazy. I was taking an antihistamine that the Pharmisist said would not interfer with breastfeeding or affect Maddi. WRONG! Besides making us STONED it redused my milk supply, so I was stoned and she was starving! Not a great week.

But this week has been much better, in the allergy department. My sweet Mother-Law bought me some Xango juice which has helped, and after increasing my water and calories, Madalyn is no longer starving! Just to say it again, I am so glad to see the rain today:)

In other bad news poor Bevan got Shingles. How on earth a healthy child gets shingles I have no idea. He is a worrier and a complainer, maybe he got stressed out about something... I have no clue. The poor guy had a large blistered rash on his back. Which then after 5 or 6 days has turned into a dry, crusty rash. Then me thinking I was doing something great, soaked cotton swabbs in Silver-water and band-aid taped them on. Bad, bad idea! It dried and stuck to him! How did I not know this was going to happen?! I did manage to soak it again and it came off without much damage. Still can't believe I did that!

Today will get better:) It's raining so I will not be suffering as much, Bevan is healing (dispite his mother's attempt to peel him!). Bradon is half-way through his school day. And the girls....well I'm not sure... they are avoiding me which means they are not getting anything done. So I better go track them down. Josh will be going back to work today, which is sad. But we made a date for lunch so I'm looking forward to some time with him, and no kids.

Wondering what this week will be like, hoping it'll be less stress then the last one:)