Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spinning Plates

    Why is it that I can never keep them all spinning?  I can get one going pretty good, but then the other 2 have stopped or fallen off and smashed. 
    You would think that it wouldn't be so complicated, to keep three plates spinning in midair at once.  It's something I've tried and see pictured perfectly in my head.  
     I can usually get one of them to go quite nicely, but I always hit a glitch when I have to get them all up and running.
  The plates I am referring to are, schooling, housework and spiritual life. 
     If we have a great school routine and things are going great that usually means I'm spending very little time in my bible or in prayer.  It also means my house is a disaster zone.  On the other hand if my house routine is smooth sailing and it's clean and tidy this means no school has been done and again I am without my personal time with God.  
   How do I get them to all go at the same time?  Is it even possible?  I really can't shirk my time with God to often, otherwise I become the growly, barking Mama that all the children run and hide from.  Not only that but in not spending time with Him I start to feel a little lost.   The longer I put off our time the more crazy I feel.  Worries creep in, irritation seems off the charts and pretty soon I'm wondering out loud, "What is wrong with me?".
   I know that some, well maybe more than some, discipline is required.  I need to go to bed a decent hour, so I can get up in the morning.  I need to schedule planning times. 
   I've never been a planner, I'm really more of a "fly by the seat of my pants" girl.  The only problem with flying that way is that you usually end up with a wedgie.


Anonymous said...

Hah! From one woman with a wedgie to another...

Three plates is hard, but only God can give the grace to spin them all, or react with gracious kindness when one (or more) falls.

I'll pray for you with your three plates if you pray for me, with the same three plates in my own colours and patterns!

And I LIKE a schedule... the rest of the variables in my life just sometimes have other ideas than me!

Anonymous said...

oops, that was from Melissa!

Lollie said...

Haha, yes God's grace is needed in abundance! :) And I would love to pray for you and love to receive prayer! Thanks!