Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hawaii I Love you

The moment you step off the plane it hits you. That wonderful humidity, the warmth, the trade wind breeze, ahhhhh. I love it. I really gotta go there longer then a week. I feel like I'm home whenever I arrive there, which is 3 times now. I still am in awe that I've been able to travel to Hawaii 3 times in my life. I never dreamed I would. But once you go you become seriously addicted, and travelling anywhere else becomes second best. Even though I've never been anywhere else:)

You don't even feel rushed in the madness to get your luggage and find your rental car shuttle. With 5kids in tow and a couple grandparents, the air makes you feel relaxed. Every things Aloha now baby!

Our nice timeshare villa at the Marriott Ko Olina awaits. The kids jump into their jammys, cause we came in late, and settle into the pull out couches. Oma and Papa settle into their room. And Hubby, Me and baby settle into ours:) Nice....(smile)

Then the week flies by. A week of swimming, laying in the sun. The zoo and Waikiki, the water slides and Kailua Beach. All too soon we're packing up and going home.

Next time we gotta plan for more days there. Really it takes 2 days to settle in. They are 3hrs behind and depending on your flight can really throw your system out of whack! The first day is spent adjusting. The second day grocery shopping and planning what to do on the days you have left. So now all you have is 4 days!

Oh well! At least we got a little sun and some fun. Now we're home, watching our tans fade. And we've had great weather since we got home, but not great enough for shorts and bathing suits:(

Mahalo Ohana<3

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Absent minded or just absent?

Well today is the last day to get it all together. We fly out in the morning. I see that I haven't been here in awhile, so an update is in order....Christmas was good...Jan.Feb.Mar. all good.

There now you're updated:)

Madalyn will be 7mons on the 21st. I can't believe how time is just flying by. Finding it hard to savor the moments, but I'm tryin'.

The kids are getting big so fast too. Bevan just turned 10 and faced down his first bully. He did a good job, he's a tough guy. Now just to make sure he doesn't become a bully. Ashley just turned 7 and going on 13. She knows everything...but very much a people pleaser so she's mostly pleasant:) A little on the more emotional side, like her sister....I am trying to be sympathetic to the emotions, I'm not really an emotional person. Don't get me wrong I am dramatic, just not with tears;)

I'm gonna put a couple pics on here then go empty my camera and get it ready for Hawaii.

I'll have lots to blog about when we get back.

And when I get back I got to figure out how to set this page up the way I want!