Monday, May 30, 2011

Raising Homemakers Anniversary Giveaway

I am posting this to let you know about 2 things.
First is a great group where I have gotten lots of great tips. Raising Homemakers.  I get the e-mails everyday.  From cleaning and cooking to raising kids.  Lots of great stories, ideas and encouragement:)

Second today is their first anniversary so they are have a give away.  There is a collection of great books that they are giving away. 

Today we are THRILLED to announce that one “lucky” reader will win AN ENTIRE CLAY AND SALLY CLARKSON BOOK COLLECTION!!!!
Which includes…
All SIX books could go to YOU!

If you want to enter head here!

Friday, May 27, 2011


On the agenda today.
Clean fridge
Bake cookies and muffins
Decide whether or not I'm writing my own curriculum or finding one that works
Now I better get moving, 3 of the kids are done they're work, now I can make them do chores:)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am learning.

   I am learning to listen.  Listen to the Spirit whispering to me.  Listen to the heart of God.  Being still and waiting does not come natural to me. 
 My Father however is teaching me that what I think is my personality is in fact not..  He is teaching me that I must let it go, let Him take them off.  These parts I think are unchangeable.  To change my mind, He does that, I'm not really good at that either.  Change me to think that maybe I've been wrong all these years.  To claim a song and call it mine, and that's just the way I am.  Nope, not anymore, for if I am dead and He lives, what is mine?  Nothing.  I can cling to nothing, claim to nothing but Christ.
   Of course at any given moment of the day I forget this simple thought, that it is no long I who live but Christ who lives in me.  I think only of my goal in getting something done, or avoiding that which I know needs doing.
   For me I am learning to answer when He calls, to seek Him in each moment, in each task.  To ask for His help in things I should be able to do myself, but can't.  Or don't know how, or have just been doing wrong for so long I can't see up from in. 
  He is there, in it all, holding my hand.  Speaking peace in my heart.  Heart Peace. 
  I like what I read today from Ann Voskamp's blog "Will I ever be who I already am in Christ?"
It's a question I didn't know I was often asking.  Will I ever be who I already am in Christ?  I have faith in Christ that He will accomplish what He wants to in me.  I'm going to blow it, no doubt.  But He'll be there. And I'll repent.  I'm learning.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Challenge Stats

    Where I'm at today.  I sometimes wonder if I bit off more than I can chew.  I seem to start a number of things without finishing the first thing, and somehow don't complete anything.
  First with Maximize Your Mornings, I started out ok, but once we went on holidays that all went out the window.  I haven't gotten back into it since I got home.
   Then with memorizing Colossians....nil... Oops! 
   Is there something else?  I'm sure there is I just don't remember.
So now I have this e-book 31 days to Clean.  My newest and latest challenge.   Who am I kidding!?  Cleaning has been a FOREVER challenge.  I am never caught up.  If the kitchen, living room and bathroom are clean at the same time, I can guarantee the bedrooms and laundry room are a disaster site!!  And really the only time all three main areas are clean is when company is coming!
   Now you got all the goods on my challenge stats.  So I'm going to pray now and do laundry so I feel like I did something. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sand, Salt, Sun. Oh and Water!

The view off the right side of our Lanai

Madi's favorite part of Hawaii

One of the pools

With Papa and Grandma each morning.

Fun in the Sand

On a leaning Coconut Tree

Walking back to our Villa after Church.
Daddy and Madi way in front, Bevan must be back with Grandma and Papa.

The Shaka sign, which began in Hawaii and became a universal surfer sign for catching a good wave.
I learned the origins of this sign while on a train ride.
Back when the sugar cane trains use to run in Hawaii is where the Shaka began.  It started as a wave by one train driver (I forget his name). He would wave to the children on the side of the tracks, well they thought he was waving so they'd wave back.  Really he was waving them away because sometimes they would jump on the train or run up and take dropping sugar cane.
He had some kind of accident (I don't remember what) where he lost his 3 middle fingers.  Only his pinkie and thumb remained.  He continued driving the train, but now when he waved at the children, they didn't know he lost his fingers so they copied him.  Thumb and pinkie.  The kids began making this sign to one another to let each other know it was a good day for a ride (jumping on the train) or that sugar cane had fallen off and they'd go get it.

A rare moment with all the children in the picture.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Trip There

   Are you wondering what it was like to travel with 5 kids?  If you are here's a run down of events, if not then you might want to skip this one.
   I spent 3 days packing and planning.  Friday night the van was all packed and ready to go.   Saturday morning we ate, cleaned and left.
  I drove 3 hours to my parents house.  We stayed there till Josh came in from work (he works near there so this helped).   My parents left to catch their flight.   We hung out at their house till we just got restless and left around 8:30pm.
   Josh drove the first 5 or 6 hours then I took over for 3 or 4 hours.   2 or 3 more hours till we get to the airport, Josh drove. 
    I don't know the exact times, I wasn't really keeping track.  All I know is that it's a 12 hour drive from my folks to the Vancouver Airport.
   We arrive at the airport, park in long term parking, take the shuttle to the terminal.   We wait about an hour or two till my parents land.
   They land at 11:20am.  All 9 of us camp out in the airport.  People sit far away from us, I don't know why. 
  Finally at 2:30pm we can check-in. 
  Madalyn's ticket is randomly selected by homeland security for a full security check.  Josh, the Parents and other kids all go through a different, faster check. 
  Madalyn and I line up for her full check, then I get picked by the machine for my choice of either a) a full pat down or b) a body scan.   I opt for the body scan, thinking that would be less intrusive than a pat down.  It still felt intrusive.
   Finally we get through all that and into the USA side of the airport. 
   Thankfully they have a wonderful play area that keeps Madi busy the whole time we wait to board our 5:35pm flight.
   On the plane! Yay! The hardest part over.  Madalyn seems to do fine with the going up.  The kids all have gum, they're great!
   Watch some shows, play some card games, nap, snack.  6 hours and we are landing in Honolulu!!
   Madalyn is asleep coming down and wakes up screaming.  Her ears are hurting and she's so upset she won't suck her sucky.   I hold her and rub her ears gently and sing to her, she calms a bit. 
   We step off the plane and are hit with the warmth and humidity.....I feel like I'm home.
  Mom and I stand with the children.  Papa and Josh gather the suitcases. 
  We walk out, catch the bus to our rental car.
  Drive to Ko Olina, get our room cards, get all the kids beds made, everyone crashes.  1:00am Hawaii time 4am BC time.
  Madalyn won't sleep, so we bring her into bed with us, she's out like a light in 2 seconds!  We laugh and fall asleep.  We're in Hawaii!!