Friday, June 30, 2017

Time Marches On

Is it just me or is time done marching and now it's just flat out running!
  Bentley's first year has just flown by.  Can't believe he's one year old.

And Bevan graduated!  Now I have 2 adult children. How did that even happen?

  A couple more days and the "bigs" are all off to camp for the summer.  Two are missionaries there and one volunteer staff.
  I will be here with the 3 littles and no bigs. Well there is Daddy😉
  Time to get my "how to keep little people occupied " hat!  Suggestions are welcome!  Goodness chores will be interesting.
  Tomorrow is the beginning of a new month. Time to wrap up June.  It feels like June just started!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Father's Day

I have been blessed to have 2 Dads.  My Dad passed away when I was 18.  That was so hard and I learned so much about who God is in dark times.
My step Dad was such a great Papa to my youngins.  He passed away in 2011.  Again I learned more about God.  How we are really living in boot camp and the goal is eternity not here.
My Father in law is a great Dad.  A wonderful papa who likes to show the little ones the big wide world and spur the big ones on to good works.
Then there's my husband.  He's the best Dad I've ever known.  He's gentle yet firm when needed.  He loves to spend time with his kids playing but also teaching them to work hard.   Sharing God is of utmost importance and love.  Love for God, for each other and for others.
Of course nothing tops our Heavenly Father.  What a good Father we have.  He provides all our needs, cares about our cares and loves us more than we can ever fathom.  Oh that I can know Him more!