Friday, April 2, 2010

Homeschool Conventions

      I love homeschooling. I'm so glad that God put it upon our hearts to homeschool our kids. The road has not always been easy. There have been tears, both mine and theirs. Days where it seems we never get anything we planned done, and days where it all goes well.
      One thing I've always wanted to do is attend a homeschool convention. I would love to sit in and listen to the homeschool pioneers. Gleaning all that wisdom and those great ideas to get your kids working, learning and having fun! Wandering through oodles of homeschool curriculum booths! (Oh ya baby!) Getting a goody bag with some free stuff! Hanging out with Mom's just like me, trying to school their kids, raise their kids and keep a home and husband at the same time! (Phew that's exhausting!)
         Alas, I have never been to one. Every year I scan the websites of conventions and dream about being there. I even try to order the cds to listen to the speakers.
       Despite the fact that I have never been to a homeschool conference I have been successfully teaching my kids for 8 years. By successfully I don't mean that everyday is perfect, or that we've never scraped a curriculum and found a better one midyear. What I do mean is that we haven't given up. If something isn't working we figure it out. And I don't mean that if you don't homeschool anymore or you've chosen not to that you are doing something wrong.
        This is our story and not meant to offend anyone and I place none of my ideals in raising kids upon you or anyone else. You must follow how the Lord leads you, just as I must follow how He leads me. Some to homeschool, some to not, some to teach, some to preach, some to heal, some to speak in tongues!
        Any whoo! I define successful homeschooling by giving my children a LOVE for learning, not that we finish any curriculum plan.
       Well after all that here's the big thing I was leading up to. Since I have never been able to attend a homeschool conference in person I am so excited about an online one.
What a great way for a busy Mom to participate! It's right here at The Old School House Magazine. I've gotten lots of encouragement from TOS over the past couple of years.
          I'm so glad they are doing an online conference. I will be able to enjoy the speakers right here at my "desk" in my jammies! They have a goodie bag of E-Books. Plus there an online vendor hall! Fun! Well ok not as great as wandering through booths of curriculum that you can thumb through and drool over. But this way you can still see the stuff and no one will see you drool! Oh ya and there are door prizes too!               
     So I'm gonna sign up and attend my own personal homeschool conference in my house.
     I still one day would like to go to one in person, with a bunch of my homeschool Mom friends. That would be so fun! But this will do, for now;)

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