Monday, April 5, 2010

My Boy

       The years seem to fly by don't they? It doesn't feel like 11yrs ago today that my second boy made his way into this world.  Weighing 8lbs 11oz. What a sweet little baby boy.

      He is still a sweetie. My little softy. He loves babies, he's a big mush. He is organized and likes to keep his room clean. He likes to pack wood, only because it builds big muscles!
     He is still just as cuddly as when he was little.  He doesn't like to play in the rain and he hates getting water on his clothes.  He can get very annoyed with us if we change plans on him, (a little like his mom that way).
       He's also a little ham, he makes us laugh a lot. Maybe he'll be a comedian one day, or maybe a reporter like he wants to.
       It seems like yesterday he was that cute little baby. Now he's a handsome boy. Ready to take on his older brother, maybe;)

Oh ya, he loves to play drums and his favorite colour is green.

Happy Birthday my Bevan! I love you!

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