Monday, April 12, 2010

My Ashley Girl

  This post is actually for April 8th Ashley's birthday.  For some reason I never get to blog when Josh is home!

   My little Ashley turned 8 on the 8th!  I can't believe 8 years have flown by.  Last year after she turned 7 she had to keep reminding me she was 7, whenever someone would ask her age I would always say 6! 
   Ashley is full of energy and laughter.  She is the truest form of a live wire if there ever was one.  She makes us all laugh.  If you need a hand she's the first one to run and help.  She loves to go anywhere you go.  She is concerned with how each person feels, and she seeks to make everyone happy.  She is also very loud, you can never mistake that she is not around, if she is you will know it!
   Ashley loves the Lord and is memorizing scripture to get over her fear.  She reads at a level way above grade 2.  She loves art and is always drawing, writing and creating.  She began with crayons on my walls at 1 1/2 yrs.  Not just on walls but herself as well!  Thankfully she now has learned not to do that! 
  Right now she's outside helping her Daddy do yard work!
Ashley at a few weeks

Ashley about 4 or 5 months

Ashley's first Birthday!

Ashley 7yrs, making a fort for her baby sister

Ashley on her 8th B-Day! (her friend Miss Ry there too:)

I love you my Ashley Girl! 

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