Friday, April 16, 2010

The chickies!

      We're sad we didn't get our little chickies yesterday. Something went wrong with the batch and now we're waiting until May 6th.
     I'm really excited about having chickens. I've wanted to do this for a year now. Never have I ever wanted farm animals, except maybe a horse, so I really surprised myself with this one. I think it goes with my quest for eating more organic and eating more local. Maybe? 
      When I read about the back yard chickens I thought, "wow" I could really do this!   I have a big back yard, who's gonna care about 3 little chickens back there?!   Well, when I first told Josh about it he was kind of not really into it, but he said yes. So I got right to it, researching chicken tractors, getting books from the library.   I had the breed of chicken that I liked, the Araucanas or Easter Eggers, and maybe a black one and a red one to colour up the yard!  
    Then Josh said he wanted Bantys, or Bantams as they are called, so I dropped my idea.  I was determined to make this an "us" project rather then a "me" one.  Big problem, I could not find Bantams anywhere!  None local anyway.  Fall was fast approaching and I knew I would not get chicks that year.  
   My great friend K said she wanted chickens too and she'd heard that we could order from Rochester Hatchery in Alberta.   That's how we both got here, anticipating the arrival of our new babies. 
    K and her family ordered the Buff Orpingtons which are not bantams but still a very pretty, friendly chicken, which is also a dual purpose bird.  Which means that they lay eggs and you can eat them.  I kind of thought that every chicken was dual purpose, but apparently not.  I am told that while you could eat them (layers) they may be tough and not so yummy.   The meat birds which are really tasty don't lay eggs well.   Hmm, what you can learn about a chicken!
       Well at Rochester they do have some rules about ordering.  We had to order 10 Bantams, unsexed (which means we get both girls and boys), and no choice of the 4 breeds they sell.   All that is fine with me, the 4 breeds are nice and I wanted a bouquet of chickens.   I just have to convince my "no butchering" hubby that it's ok for his Dad to kill the roosters for me.  Or he could just let me breed them and then I could be the number one Bantam seller in the northwest!  Ah, that might be a stretch, there's probably a reason why they aren't that popular up here.

    Here's some pictures I found of what our little babies should look like. We will have Black Cochin, Golden Sebright, White Silkies and Silver Duckwing Old English.

Aren't they cute! These are Black Cochin chicks

Black Cochin Hen, Rooster and chicks

Oh I just love the babies! Golden Sebright

Golden Sebright family

Aww, look at those Silkie babies!

Ok, I have to be honest here, these birds are not exactly my type but oh well.

White Silkie Adults

Cute little Silver Duckwing babies

The whole Duckwing family, Isn't the Rooster Magnificent!

And in case you were wondering about the Buff Orpingtons

They are pretty too!

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Unknown said...

I can't wait to see your chickens! It's so fun and I'm really excited for you!