Thursday, April 15, 2010

Water and a can opener

       First and foremost I hope, in the way of being prepared, that you are all prepared for eternity.  Since eternity lasts so much longer then our time here on earth it should be the most important thing that one prepares for. So if Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart, please answer! Do not let the seriousness of salvation to be over looked or over shadowed, by anything we may fritter or fret over in this life. We are but a vapor in the wind.
    I have not clearly laid out the way of salvation here, if you need me to do that I'd be more then happy to, just e-mail me! :)

     And now to the matter at hand, a small one when compared to everlasting life, but one that we need to look at was we spend our days here, waiting and doing the Lord's work!

     What would you do if the power as out for 3 days or more?  If it happened right now, I can honestly tell you my family would not make it.

(Of course the Lord does provide all our needs, so I am fairly certain that He would provide a way for us to survive if He really wanted us too. Now back to the story.)

   We don't have any water stored. I've thought of it, but with all the talk of plastic poisonous bottles, how safe is it to leave water in those plastic containers?
    I only have an electric can opener so I guess we can forget about eating all those canned goods we've bought.
    I store most of our extra food in the freezer. With no power that would all go bad within a couple days.

    I having been reading little bits from the Homestead Revival gal. I love her ideas. I want to do all of it, of course I probably won't.
     Now she's is planning for 3 or more months off the "grid". That's too big for me to even think about right now, although it would make a good long time goal.
   I heard once that you should have at least enough water and supplies to get you and your family through 3 days with out electricity or help. That's a very doable goal for me right now. I think the next time I'm grocery shopping I'm going to buy water. I will cringe thinking about those BPAs and such in the plastic, but it beats dying of dehydration! Don't forget the can opener! I need a non-electric one. Then we can eat those cans of beans!
     Water and can opener, my first plan of preparedness!

Well besides Salvation that is!


Anonymous said...

"Ditto" on everything above :) Esp about the plastic water container concerns. Like you said though, better than the alternative. Esp since it would likely just be a short term emergency ration . I laughed about your electric can operner . But then it made me think about how many things in life we rely on in technology....... We'll have to get together and scare each other with "what if" stories haha. But seriously how come so many of us (me included) think about the three day plan but don't actually DO it???

Anonymous said...

oops, that was me, Laurie A on the first post. Sorry (blush)

Lollie said...

Hehe, hi Laurie:) I've been thinking of these great things to have for "just in case". Now my new problem is where am I going to keep this stuff??