Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Homeschool Journey Part 3

Ashley's TOG salt dough map.

       My first purchase of TOG was a second-hand copy of Year 1 Classical.  They have redesigned their years so all this means is that I had the old one;)
     I couldn't afford all the books so I adopted a strategy. With my book list in hand I went to our local library's web page and searched the catalogue.   Anything that was not at the library I then checked the inter-library loans.  I purchased any books that I could not get through the library that were necessary.    Some books I could find similar ones so I did not purchase them.    For example Ancient Rome, our library did not have the book on the book list, but rather then buy this particular book I opted for borrowing one on the same subject.
    For Science we started with Apologia about the same time as TOG.  We love Apologia and will stay with it.
    One thing new that we tried and loved is Lapbooks.  You can make your own, but I preferred premade ones.   All we have to do is just write in and assemble.  Remember your time is precious, this saves me time.  I have lapbooks for our science and our tapestry work. 
    I really like how well rounded Tapestry is, with it's study of history, maps and timelines. 
   Right now I have the girls in Lower Grammar level, Bevan in Upper Grammar and Bradon is Dialectic. 
   The 3 younger ones do science together.  Bradon is working on his own for science.   Both boys are working on Easy Grammar at their own level.   Bevan also has Building Thinking Skills level 2.   Bradon has the level 3 as well as The Fallacy Detective.
   Everyone does German together.  We use Power Glide.

   So this is the journey we've been on.  What may come up I don't know, but that's what makes the journey an adventure.  I love having my kids at home with me.  It's not a piece of cake, there are not so easy days, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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