Thursday, April 22, 2010

Something about Dirt

     There just is something about dirt. Good old fashioned clean dirt;) Once you get your hands into it you've gotta keep going and you don't want to stop. Not to answer the phone, or settle a fight or go make dinner.
     Pulling up weeds, freeing up the budding flowers (and some already blooming) it just feels good. You get a sense of accomplishment immediately.
     The dirt smells good and earthy.  I could tend to my garden all day if "they" would let me. "They" are all the other little things that need caring for in the day. The children, the laundry, the cooking and whatever else there is.
     The dirt calls my name. I'm dreaming of pulling up all the day lilies, separating them, then replanting them. Once the tulips die I will propagate them as well. Replanting the ones I like giving away the ones I don't.
     Good old dirt. I like how it feels to dig in to it and grab a hold of some weedy root and rip it out! Patting the disheveled soil back in around the tender flower stalk.
     I can't wait until we get to start the veggie garden!
    I've been avoiding my flower beds, simply because the trees are trying to murder me. Seriously! They are out to get me, choking off my air supple any chance they get. So I hide indoors where they can't find me, with my air purifier and the evil anti-histamines.
     I am looking forward to just spending a whole day or more in the dirt.

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