Monday, July 13, 2009

TV square head

Wow, I don't think I've watched so much t.v. in my life! Well maybe when I was a teen. House sitting for my Mom has proven very laid back. It's easy to keep her house clean, cause it was clean to start with. So I putter around a little, hand out a couple chores to the kids, water the flowers, do the dishes sweep the floor. We can go for a walk, doesn't take long, Houston is small. Then there's not much else to do, so we watch tv. Well the kids get bored of that easy so they take turns playing outside and playing game cube, so it's mostly me sitting on my butt glued to the boob tube.

I've learned a lot though, since Josh took our tv out the garage 4 years ago. There are a lot of news channels, and a lot of reality shows. Don't misunderstand we do download some shows and watch them, which is another thing, there are a ton of commercials. Most of this stuff is crap! I sit here, especially after the kids are in bed, flipping channels. There is so much on and nothing to watch! I mostly like TLC, mostly cause we are living in a constant state of renovation at my house. But that soon makes me wish they'd just come to my house and finish it for me and I have to stop watching. So I flip the channel, now dissatisfied with my home and it's state.

There's neat reality show Road Trip America I think it's called. A bunch of families RVing across the US. I'd love to pack up the fam. in a motor home and trek across Canada. Yay, Josh thinks that's crazy too. But the notion is fun.

Well I better get back to that movie, something about a mother getting married and the daughter doesn't like it....blahblahblah:)
Oh ya you'll notice one child missing from our picture. Hopefully she's having a good time at camp:)

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