Friday, July 3, 2009

The chickies, the eglu and the coop

This is the Chicken Coop we will build. I think it will keep them warm in the winter. Well I hope so anyway.

This is the one I really, really want. But for some reason Josh doesn't want to spend $450 on a chicken coop. I don't know why;)
These are the cute little "Easter Egger" Bantams. They are so cute. Yes I know they get bigger, but they are bantams so they don't get too big. They lay blue, green and sometimes pinkish eggs.


Anonymous said...

We used to have bantams! They always laid blue eggs for us. I used to sing opera in the chicken house because they all shake her their combs funny ...
Do you have to insulate the chicken house for winter? How will you heat it?

~ Bonnie

Lollie said...

Funny! :) I think it will have to be insulated and I'm not sure how Josh is planning to heat it, but he grew up with chickens (bantams) so I'm sure he'll figure something out:) I'm having a really hard time finding them though!