Monday, July 6, 2009

Feelin' the pressure!

Well this is the last week before camp starts. Natalie first, then Bevan. We'll be in Houston for 2 weeks. I'm feeling a little apprehensive about Natalie's first year at camp. I always do when it's their first year. Plus sending 3 kids to camp this year makes us pretty broke! Right now I'm trying to convince them not to cash Bevan's check till a couple days before his camp starts. So I have gas money to get to Houston!
There is cleaning to be done, and packing for the 2 campers, plus packing for those of us staying at Grandma's.

I'm also thinking about our little hatching chicks, will we be back before they hatch? (I'm not hatching them) :)
Lots of laundry to do! I have to remember to ask Mom if she will feed my cat, and water Natalie's flowers.

Nat's become quite the little gardener. When you drive into my yard and see all the beautiful flowers that all her doing. I've been too busy with baby to do anything out there. She got money from her Oma and bought $12 in bedding flowers. She planted them in buckets (from Oma) and Oma helped her set them up in the yard. She faithfully waters them everyday. And now they are gorgeous!

I'll post a picture of them. It'll be at the top because I forgot to add them in before I started, and moving pictures around on here is a pain.

I'll try and keep blogging while I'm in Houston and post pics for you to see what we're up too. I was hoping to send a camera with the kids so they could take pictures, but I'm too broke! Oh well last year for the boys I just went on the day to pick them up and took lots of pictures. That works too.

I don't have to get Bradon ready until August 8. 2 days after he turns 13. Maybe we'll get him a little camera for his birthday. He'll like that I think...:)

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