Sunday, July 12, 2009

Trying to be occupied

Well Ashley and I finished painting our toenails. We're running out of things to do while Natalie is at camp and it's only day 2! Later today when the baby is awake we're going to walk down town. I know there is somewhere that sells frozen yogurt, we'll find it.

We're house sitting for Grandma and Papa right now. My Mom will be home on Tuesday. Trying to keep this place as clean as Grandma does is hard! So far my allergies are stay down so that is nice, but I haven't let the poor kitty in at all.

We have to keep our puppy Sara outside, poor thing is in heat, so there is no way I'm letting her in! At night though we put her in her kennel inside. It's good that it's so nice out, otherwise I'd feel really bad that she has to stay out there.

Oh there's the baby. Maybe I'll have time to write more tomorrow or tonight. He's a picture of Natalie going to camp, she's sitting in the back of the van with Madalyn:)

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