Thursday, July 9, 2009

Amazed at what can get done!

Wow! What a busy 2 days.

We did tons of weeding in Oma's big Veggie garden yesterday. I think about 4 1/2 hrs, broken up into 2 sessions. I really like wedding there is something gratifying about it. Or maybe it's just being in dirt, which is funny cause I'm so girlie I hate getting mucky, but I love getting in the dirt and planting or weeding or any type of gardening. Funny.

Then today we did about 8 loads of laundry, not counting the 3 we did yesterday. So now all the laundry is done and all the clothes are packed!

Then my wonderful Mother in Law(Love) came over and occupied the baby while I packed my stuff. She went above and beyond, taking all 3 girls to her house! That's when the real 'magic' happened. The boys cleaned the bathrooms, I cleaned my room and the kitchen. Oh ya and living room! No interruptions! It was a beautiful thing:)

Then my MIL went above the call again and made us a yummy chicken, potatoes and veggie dinner. Was I ever spoiled. Thank you MOM you are amazing! And your food is always so delicious!

And just when you think that was all, hang on.... I put the 3 girls to bed, and the boys and I cleaned the van!

Wow!! What a day!
All set and ready to go to Camp and Grandma's house:)

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