Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cake, Kids and Rain!

Well I did it! I made my first wedding cake. Not that I really want to make more...but at least I know it's possible;) I baked the cake and froze it here. Then carefully packed it into a cooler full of froze meat and ice packs and drove it to Houston. It was still frozen when we got there. Yay! After visiting Grandma and Papa and saying hi to Daddy who arrived later that evening, all the kiddies went to bed. Except Madalyn, babies have their own bedtime, when ever they feel like it:)
Oh, yay actually we got the cake iced and put in the fridge before the kids went to bed, I forgot that!

After all the kids were in bed I got out the fondant and began to guesstimate how much I needed for each layer. Then is was kneading it until it was soft enough to roll out. It's surprisingly stiffer then you'd think. I still think I didn't get it as soft as it should have been, but it worked, so oh well.

After all the layers were fondanted, (and by the way fondant is not as easy as I thought, it's very finicky and cracks easy if you pull or push to hard!) we all went to bed.
The next day I spent almost 2hrs getting the beads on straight. I really didn't like the way that icing looked to hold the beads on. So I used pins! Yep, hehe, little silk pins. They were perfect you couldn't see them. But making sure the beads all looked symmetrical was craziness!

After the ceremony the flowers and piping went on and then off to the Hall it went! Oh and I never did find out how you are suppose to properly attach flowers to a cake, so they were pinned on too. Hey! It's my first time! What else was I gonna do!

Keep in mind all the while there are 7 children running around (except those 2hrs at night) needing to be fed, fights needing to be referred. Thank you Honey for holding down the fort and playing interference with all the kids!! I love you! :)
Just so you all know I have the greatest Husband in the world. He took a Lu day at work and spent the day taking care of the baby and the kids. He's awesome!

And I'd like to thank my design team.. Mom and JoJo! Mom made the icing (since I botched the first batch). And Joanne helped with the flower arranging (thanks sis).

Oh ya the Rain part. Well the kids did get a little time outside, it rained each day so they had to be inside most of the time. Which makes Josh that much more of a Hero:)

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