Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This picture doesn't have anything to do with the post but it's cute:) She's in that "I can get up but I can't get down" stage. Ok I just read over my last 2 posts and realized I totally contradicted myself. In one post I say it's hard to keep this place clean like Grandma. Then in the next post I'm bored because it's too easy to keep it clean! Hahahaha, "Make up your mind would ya!" So I can't really say it's too hard, because at the moment I can't remember why I thought it was hard.

Right now I'm sipping my morning coffee, a little drowsy from having to get up at 7:30. Madalyn decided to having a morning party instead of a night one. Which was nice for last night, I took the opportunity to watch a movie, with no distractions. Had I known we'd be parting this morning I probably would have passed on the late night movie time. Oh well.

Today Grandma comes home. She's coming with my 2 nephews. Caleb and Bevan will go to camp together when Natalie gets back(day 4 and I'm surviving). Colty will stay here and play with Ash. The 2 of them have a pretty good time. They are only a year apart and now that Colton doesn't mind playing with girls they get along great! (He went through a 2 year phase where he didn't want anything to do with girls)

Today we're going to vacuum, sweep and do some dishes.

Why is it that all these things seem so much harder at my house, and there is endless things to catch up on (at my house).


Jen Wilson said...

Sounds like you're having a pretty stellar summer! And hey, 7:30 is SLEEPING IN!!

Lollie said...

Hahaha, in some people's world 7:30 might be sleeping in, but not in mine! :) I'm spoiled and don't usually get up till 9!