Monday, October 12, 2009


This is the part where we confess all the things we would never do, but actually did, "not me" :) Join MckMama for some fun!

I would never be grumpy and sassy at my dear husband simply because he put my "Texas toast" bread in the freezer causing me to have to use regular bread for french toast this morning. Not me I would never be so rude.

I would never be happy and content with not making a Turkey dinner this holiday. The great hostess that I am could never be perfectly at ease with a small roast and no company. Not Me!

Because of the put together perfect woman that I am, I could never sit around in my pajamas all day, with my bed-head-hair. Not me, never!

I would never start a project and leave it unfinished for days, weeks, months or even years! Not me how ridiculous!

Hope you all have a wonderful, fun, relaxing (as much as possible) thanksgiving holiday!


Havalah said...

Thanks! Actually I chuckled when I saw your blog title. My nickname when I was little was Lollie. It's not very common so it's cool to see it used!

Lollie said...

No Way! That is too funny:)