Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Blame Sotalol!

    Update:  Bradon got home safely;)

 Who knew that you could play an electronic game and be so sore the next day you can't lift things or move!  I didn't!
    We were playing Wii Sports Resort with good friends and oh my the canoing killed my shoulders, sides and my whole body!!
   I had always thought that something like Wii Fit would never work, it's like a computer game.  I was so sore after those games I convinced Josh we needed a Wii Fit!  He was so concerned that I was so sore after a little game playing that he bought me a Wii Fit!  haha. 
   For those of you who know my sweet husband, you know that he will not easily fork out a $100.  He was really worried about my fitness levels and how low they've gotten. 
   I blame Sotalol.  I had a great pregnancy and was active until I had to take that darn Sotalol.   The Sotalol is good because God used it to fix my sweet little baby's heart.  Put me on my butt for 6mons and I've been trying to claw my way back ever since, but a good drug overall for it's heart fixing properties.
   I just played a round of Wii Fit games with the kids.  Lots of fun, and pooped me out!  I still haven't figured out the personal trainer thingy, it was a little boring, but the games are fun!
   Tonight Josh went back to work and I'm not sure how Bradon is getting home from Youth Group, but I'm to tired from the Wii Fit to worry about that!  I feel pretty good. Which is nice. 
     I have some exciting news to share with you but I need to get some permission before I blog about it;)
  So hopefully soon you'll hear!  And no I'm not pregnant! :)

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