Sunday, October 4, 2009

K Just gotta say

I really like playing with stuff on the blog. As long as it works and doesn't freeze or make me crazy.
Sorry if I'm driving you nuts changing it all the time. Until I figure out how to make it personal and more ME, then it's gonna change:)
So how are you doing today? We are stuck at home with the Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. I say WE because it's not just the children, for some crazy reason I got it too! Actually I got it the worst! Not that I want them to get it worse, I'm glad they didn't get very many blisters. I'm just being a big baby, it's really only the ones in my mouth that really bother me.

On a happier note Madalyn only got up once last night! Yippee! But I go to bed sad every night because I'm sleeping in a different room:( I miss my little roommate.
But this is better for both of us, I'm getting more sleep. I don't actually know if she is, I can't hear if she gets up in between times. I can only hear if she cries not all the other sounds she makes.

I have also succeeded in breastfeeding for just over a year now. I'm not sure how long we will go. Before Madalyn came along I had been known to say something like "You only need to breastfeed until the baby is eating all their solids". I was so silly :) I've been reading more about the benefits of breastfeeding through the second year. I think we'll just keep going till she no longer wants to, or I run out of milk. One way or the other I'm sure we'll be done by the time she's 2.

I'm thinking that I should make categories for my posts. I notice a lot of people do that. I guess if you wanted to find out my thoughts on something it'd be easier to find if I had them labeled. Hmmm, I'll look into that.

We're counting down the days till Daddy gets home. 2 more Sleeps. Guess I better get done being sick and start cleaning up in here, it's a mess!


Unknown said...

I sure hope you guys feel better soon, being sick and not having daddy around can't be much fun.

Your blog looks lovely!

Lollie said...

Thanks Darci:) Ya, being sick is no fun. But we're drinking our Silver Water and should be better soon;)