Saturday, October 17, 2009

Random Post

    Here on the home front today we are suppose to be cleaning.  Well so far only the dishes have been done and sweeping the kitchen.  Sweeping was only done because our little dish girl dropped a bowl and my merciless tile floor ate it. 
  I really miss my spell checker on this blogger

     In other news Bradon has joined the Jr. Lifeguard program.  I think he'll really like it.  It's weird having him grow up and do things without me.  Usually if he's at the pool, I'm at the pool.  If he's at soccor, I'm at soccor.  And you get the point.  Now here he is at the pool for 2hrs without me! 

     This dog is really getting on my nerves.  I'm always after the kids to take care of her.  I feel sorry for the poor thing.  I am not a pet person.  I don't mind taking care of animals if they have a purpose,ie: cat catches mice and keeps vermon out of my house, chickens lay eggs and you can eat them.
     This silly little dog just demands attention, poops in my house (not often by still very annoying) complains about her food, and steals cookies from the baby.  Oh ya and sits at my feet and whines!  Some days I could give her to the first person I see walking by!  Then I feel guilty because she was born here and we killed her mother (by accident).  We loved her mother, Sassie was the best dog ever.  Not really she pooped in my house too, but for some reason I have good memories of her.   Poor puppy, well at least a couple of the kids love her and Josh.

     This is a random post.  I have a free moment to kinda do some updating.  I finally got to hold my sweet little niece again. She's a month old already!  I missed 3 weeks! Darn viruses!  So glad we're done with being ill.  Well we better be anyway.  Time to load up the food with garlic just to make sure. 

    I did a huge grocery shopping trip last night.  Josh doesn't really like those trips, because I usually spend a good chunk of change.  But I love those trips! Nothing makes me happier then looking at a fridge full of food and having my cupboards stocked!

   Oh baby's awake from her nap and time to pick up Bradon. 
Will do laundry and more house work when we return (maybe).


Unknown said...

so did your housework get done? If not there is always tomorrow!

Lollie said...

Haha, some that day, then the next. The rest getting done now:)