Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not and Morning Person

     I thought about doing wordless Wednesday this week, but I thought I'd type something quick instead. 

     I'm realizing more and more how we really need a strict schedule.  I just can't figure out why I really don't want to do it in the morning.  At night I have a great plan to wake up, get this done, get everyone on track.  But once morning arrives, I barely haul my butt out of bed, I don't care that they are watching cbc kids, I just want coffee and quiet.  Of course the children take full advantage of this time and disappear, cause if mom doesn't see us she won't make us do anything, cause she won't find us if we aren't bothering her.

     Is it because I'm really "that" tired?  Am I just lazy?  Or is there really such a thing as "not a morning person"  Sometimes I wish morning would start @ 11:00am cause that's when my gears seem to click in.
     Maybe it would help if I went to bed before 1am.  Why do I go to bed that late?  Cause Josh isn't here so I'm lonely and can only go to bed if I'm exausted:)  If he is home then we stay up late watching movies.   Hahaha.  Funny how our minds and bodies get use to a certain "routine" good or bad, and it's hard to break.  

     Go to bed late, sleep in, run behind all day.   That's our life....I guess...until I decided to go to bed before 11pm maybe.  Hmmm that'd be interesting, if I go to bed @ 11 do you think I could get upi before 9:30??  I should try it and see if maybe I might be a "morning person" after all:)

Hey where'd my spell checker go???!


Unknown said...

I do get email notification and after having our ex landlord leave a nasty comment I now approve all comments.

Lollie said...

OH that's not very nice of them!
I'm glad you get notified, cause I was only answering you on here:)