Thursday, October 15, 2009

Up Coming Projects

   I should be teaching school but I wanted to plan out our up coming projects.  So I'm going to list them on here.

   First the kids are going to make hand puppet washcloths for the little cousins.  (I can't find the picture)
Find the DIY page here.

   Then they're making eye glass cases for the grandparents and great-grands:)  You can find the DIY here.

I think they'll make placemats for the Aunties.  DIY link here.

For me I'm going to be making a couple more baby slings.  One for me for sure, and maybe a couple to give away.  I have the free DIY sling posted on my favorite links list on the side bar if you want it:)

Also I am in need of a smaller diaper bag, and I need a purse.  Personally I hate purses, not on other people just on me.  I find them annoying, but they are useful if you don't have pockets to stuff your keys and wallet into.  So the time has come to finally get a purse, but I'm going to try and make one, so it doubles as a diaper bag:)

I may find a different patterned material but I like the shape and look and I'm pretty sure it'll work as a diaper bag:)
Here is the link to artsy-crafty babe where she has posted the instruction to make this bag.

Well it's been fun this morning but my kids are now glued to Dirt Girl, so I better round 'em up and see if we got our copy work done;)

   One more thing. Where I found all these cool DIY projects!  At One Pretty Thing. Such a very cool site!


joni said...

i love that you have a blog.. smile

Lollie said...

I love that you do too:) Bevan would like you to know that he has updated his news page;) Love you!

Unknown said...

I love One Pretty Thing!