Monday, October 5, 2009


Monday comes around so fast. I've been keeping up with MckMama the passed week and she's invited people to do the "Not me Monday" with her. So I figure I got a few good ones to share.
I did not let my 12month old baby empty an entire box of Kleenex just to keep her occupied for a few minutes.. Not me!

I did not let my kids take turns playing computer games all day Sunday, just because we were to contagious to go to church, and I was to lazy to entertain them or make them do chores....Not me! Who would do that!?

I did not spend all day Saturday and Sunday surfing the net looking for crafts to make for Christmas, neglecting all my housework and school planning....NOT ME!

Hmmm... so what have you "NOT done" this week?
I have more from weeks past perhaps on some boring week when I really do "behave" I'll share some of the other things I "Have Not" done:)


Unknown said...

Enjoyed my visit. I get caught up on the net too. LOL

Lollie said...

Hi Michelle:) It's easy to do with all these great blogs and ideas out there:)

Unknown said...

As long as you still used the Kleenex later it's all good!

Lollie said...

Haha, yep I shoved it all back in the box, but for some reason I'm the only one who will use it, no else wants to ;)