Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here we sit amoung the pumpkins

...well Madalyn is a she doesn't get dirty. HeeHee, #5 and I'm still fussy about dirt, how 'bout that.

This time of year is all about planting, gardening, new green things growing everywhere. So for school we planted pumpkins. Josh loves pumpkin pie so I thought planting 1 more for Madalyn wouldn't hurt...her pumpkin is the only one that grew! It's getting to big for the styro-foam cup (I know very enviro savvy, but what can you do it came in the kit!) so now it gets a new home in Oma's garden.

So Maddi watches as we plant her pumpkin, her first gardening experience. I barely got her down in the box and she had a fist full of dirt in her mouth. So we also swallowed our first dirt today. Still so fun. Bevan freaked out the most, so funny! So we got as much dirt out of her hands as we could and took a couple pictures. Oh the big pumpkin is from the garden last year. I need to get a cellar like Oma's everything keeps nice. My "cold" room froze everything solid! Not good when we're talking buckets of potatoes! That's not so bad though. I once left a box of tomatoes to ripen in my bedroom closet.....and forgot them for that was bad!

I have not yet had a pumpkin episode, but perhaps one may happen since we just planted 4 more pumpkin plants!

Notice the dirt around her mouth,
and the chicken-pox:(


Jen Wilson said...

Poor girl with the chicken pox!!

I really want to plant a garden eventually. But I have to wait until I live in a HOUSE!

Lollie said...

Ya it was so sad:( But she's all better now! Do you have a balcony or deck? You could plant some lettuce or other small veggies;)