Friday, May 15, 2009

It's been awhile, but we're on the road again!

Today we're heading out. Going to Houston! Madalyn's first road trip and first time at Grandma's. I better not forget my camera! For some reason it's always forgotten. Of course the one thing I really try not to forget is the diaper bag, and yes it has been forgotten before( yikes!). I forgot how much stuff you have to take with you when you travel with babies. After Ashley turned 3 or 4 we didn't have to bring so much stuff! Oh well:)

It's going to be nice to visit the family. I haven't seen my sister since Christmas. My mom came up to Terrace at Spring break with my nephews. That was fun:)
Mom's house will be full, 4 adults, 7 kids, 3 dogs! Oh and Mom's cat:) Mom and Bob just finished reno's too, so we'll have to be careful not to destroy anything. That being said I can honestly say it never ceases to amaze me what kids can wreck! If you think anything is isn' me! And in all fairness to my other 3 children (Maddi hasn't had a chance to show us her destructive side yet), it has mostly been my oldest boy. He has a voracious curiosity about everything, and can't wait to ask you how a thing works he must take it apart immediately to discover it's mysteries. When he was 6yrs old I walk into his room to find multiple holes in the walls. I shrieked (sorry I know but I can't help it sometimes) "What are you doing!!!" The stunned child looked at me wide eyed as if this were something I should not be shocked about. "Why are you putting holes in the wall?" me trying very hard to calm down. "I wanted to see what the wall was made of"
And so it's been this way since:)

So here's hoping that when we leave Grandma's house, we leave it the way we found it:)

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Jen Wilson said...

I would completely freak out as well - but that makes sense if he wanted to know what it was made of :)