Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Bradon is my oldest child. He was the first born. The one you make all the mistakes on. So when decisions are made about what he should and shouldn't do it's kind of like flipping a coin. One that stays in the air until he is grown up and see where the coin landed.

When Bradon was 9 he told us that he needed to be Baptised. We agreed that all who repent are to be Baptised and we were very glad he asked Jesus into his heart. We asked him to wait until he was 12 to be Baptised. We were afraid that he didn't really understand, but he did, and he waited.

At 12 he said "Mom I'm 12 remember about Baptism?" So when the first Baptismal classes started we let him join. Still I was worried that he didn't really understand what he was doing. But to my surprise he did. And so he made his stand in his faith and was baptised.
Alive in Christ!
Me, Bradon, Josh and Madalyn. (I don't like this picture of me. but here it is for you to see:P)

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Anonymous said...

Hooray, Bradon! Very exciting news, congratulations!