Monday, May 11, 2009

Rain, Rain, come again....and stay all day, heck stay 3 or 4!!

Sorry yawl. I know we want the sun but this hayfever is finishing me. I need RAIN! So I'm very glad it's raining out. This year my allergies are finishing off with a very annoying asthma type cough and wheeze! This is crazy. I was taking an antihistamine that the Pharmisist said would not interfer with breastfeeding or affect Maddi. WRONG! Besides making us STONED it redused my milk supply, so I was stoned and she was starving! Not a great week.

But this week has been much better, in the allergy department. My sweet Mother-Law bought me some Xango juice which has helped, and after increasing my water and calories, Madalyn is no longer starving! Just to say it again, I am so glad to see the rain today:)

In other bad news poor Bevan got Shingles. How on earth a healthy child gets shingles I have no idea. He is a worrier and a complainer, maybe he got stressed out about something... I have no clue. The poor guy had a large blistered rash on his back. Which then after 5 or 6 days has turned into a dry, crusty rash. Then me thinking I was doing something great, soaked cotton swabbs in Silver-water and band-aid taped them on. Bad, bad idea! It dried and stuck to him! How did I not know this was going to happen?! I did manage to soak it again and it came off without much damage. Still can't believe I did that!

Today will get better:) It's raining so I will not be suffering as much, Bevan is healing (dispite his mother's attempt to peel him!). Bradon is half-way through his school day. And the girls....well I'm not sure... they are avoiding me which means they are not getting anything done. So I better go track them down. Josh will be going back to work today, which is sad. But we made a date for lunch so I'm looking forward to some time with him, and no kids.

Wondering what this week will be like, hoping it'll be less stress then the last one:)

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Lollie said...

Hmmm, I was aiming to get that picture on the bottom. Bevan's shingles. Sorry it's at the top, doesn't make sense up there!