Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I feel as though I haven't had a single moment to sit and gather my thoughts. We are trying to wrap up school, get the house clean, and rid the basement of all it's "treasures".

We finally have a plan for my Master Bedroom! I am excited about that. Lots of worked needed to get to the building stage though.

We really enjoyed our 2 weeks of fun in the sun! Back yard pools really come in handy. I love the nice hot weather. I might not like it so much if I didn't have a way to cool down;)

Madalyn has taken off crawling and pulling herself up to stand by her bumbo chair. She is no longer interested in her baby toys but wants to get into the toddler toys I have hidden for my nephews!Sorry I don't have anything really fun to write about today. I just wanted to update this blog to keep up with writing:) I'm trying to get on here every couple of days.

I like blogging, just having trouble coming up with topics to write about. Just general stuff so far. Hope that's ok. I wish I could write like my friend Jen, she has such an entertaining way of writing, so fun to read! If you want to read her stuff, just click on my only follower:)

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Jen Wilson said...

Aw! Thanks Lauralee!!! I guess we're all our worst critics, as I find WAY more entertaining/intriguing blogs than my own :)

ps. Do you need help with your design? (read your other post) Email me! bukkweat@gmail.com Tell me exactly what you want and I'll do it for you!