Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yay Lapbooks! My Favorite:)

I love Lapbooks. I love putting them together, writing on them, cutting stuff out. So fun. I cheat really though, it's the ready to assemble kind, so there's no planning involved for me at all. Everyone just has to follow the directions. Yay! Well the girls and I think Yay! The boys are like yay.... Hahaha. For those of you new to Lapbooks, it's a booklet with little books inside that give little details about the subject you are leaning. Our lapbook today involved things about Esther and Purim. All the books of the Old Testament, Jonah, Daniel and our favorite Proverbs.

In the next couple weeks we will be doing one about Ancient Greece. We've done one for Ancient Egypt and one about Elijah and Elisha with Kings of Israel and Judah.

I will keep doing Lapbooks for as long as I can:) It's a great way to reinforce what they learn. Plus just plan fun, for those of us who like to cut, glue and write a little:)

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