Thursday, May 21, 2009

WHOA!! Why so fast?

My little Maddi is 8mons. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. I don't want her to stop growing, but we could slow down just a little couldn't we? Actually I shouldn't complain, she hasn't actually taken off crawling yet. She is trying though. Everyday she has something new she's learned.

She loves food, as long as it's not pureed! And that pesky top tooth is trying to push it's way through her poor little gums.

I remember once in awhile stopping and looking at the children and thinking, "Oh they grow so fast" But I don't think I was ever this sad about it. Maybe in the back of my mind I knew we could always have one more:) Now though I feel so sad that my baby is moving into the "big" baby stages and leaving the "newbornness" behind. It is fun to watch her change and grow, becoming the little person she is. It's a happy/sad I guess.

We were in Houston recently, visiting my family. My Mom and Step-Dad enjoyed the kids, and had fun playing with the baby. My Sister was there too, so Maddi got to have lots of Auntie Jo cuddles. And big cousins Caleb and Colton gooed and gagaed at her.

There is a bigger carpet area at my Mom's so Maddi really got her "almost" crawl on! She loved it. Papa rescued her from the fire place a couple times, she rolls to get around.
Oh, there she calls, time for lunch. Maybe I'll have time to whine some more tomorrow;P

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Jen Wilson said...

Crazy how fast they grow, hey? Sigh.